The Last Starship – Alpha 2 Update: New Game Modes, Industry, and Ship Features Explored

The Last Starship (TLS), the popular space simulation game, has just released its Alpha 2 update, introducing a plethora of new features and improvements. Developers Mark and Chris have provided a detailed walkthrough of the changes in a YouTube video, highlighting the ambitious plans for the game’s future.

Some key updates in Alpha 2 include:

  1. New Game Modes: The developers outlined their plans for introducing new game modes to TLS, providing a variety of fresh experiences for players to enjoy.
  2. Industry and Manufacturing: Alpha 2 brings a deeper focus on industry and manufacturing, allowing players to delve into the intricacies of resource management and production within the game.
  3. Ship-to-Ship Transfer and Docking: Enhancements to ship interactions have been made, including ship-to-ship transfer and docking mechanics, further enriching the gameplay experience.

The Last Starship’s development team aims to release a free update every six weeks, accompanied by a YouTube video and followed up with a livestream AMA on Steam. They encourage the TLS community to get involved by liking, subscribing, tweeting, posting in Steam forums, contributing to the Wiki, wishlisting the game, and sharing with friends. The developers believe that the support of the gaming community is crucial in making their vision for The Last Starship a reality.

So, get ready to explore the vast universe of The Last Starship with the new Alpha 2 update and experience the expanded gameplay options, deeper industry, and manufacturing mechanics, and enhanced ship interactions. Join the TLS community in shaping the game’s future and immerse yourself in this exciting space adventure.

Platforms: Microsoft windows

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