The Long Dark: Episode Four Free Update Goes Live Today

Today, Hinterland launches the latest episode in The Long Dark’s story mode. Episode Four: Fury, Then Silence, continues the story of Will Mackenzie as he navigates the frigid Canadian north, the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster, and the desperate survivors holed up in Blackrock’s federal penitentiary.

Episode Four is now available as a free update to existing owners of the game on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

All the while, players will be able to explore an all-new region built around the imposing Blackrock Mountain. Episode Four offers between 8-12 hours of playtime, 60 minutes of new cinematics, and 40 minutes of original music, as well as introducing new key characters and setting up for the finale in Episode Five.

  • New Region, BLACKROCK: Episode Four takes place in a brand new region built around Blackrock Mountain. The Penitentiary is the region’s main point of interest, itself featuring multiple locations including the Prison Block, the Infirmary, Barracks, etc., but there are also several other locations in the broader region including a Substation, a Power Plant, the Steam Tunnels under the prison complex, and a three-level deep Mine at the foot of Blackrock Mountain.
  • New Tool, NOISEMAKER: Blackrock Region is heavily “patrolled” by Timberwolf Packs, The Long Dark’s most dangerous wildlife. The Noisemaker — crafted from Cans, Gunpowder, and Cloth for a fuse — serves as a useful deterrent and is one of the most effective ways to break Wolfpack morale.
  • New Lighting: The lighting model in the game has been completely redone, making Episode Four the best-looking episode yet.
  • Improved Cinematic Narrative: Episode Four represents Hinterland’s strongest work in the cinematic narrative to date. Character models and animation fidelity have also been improved.
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