The Moon Festival, Greater Challenges Await in Latest Swords of Legends Online Update

Recently, Gameforge announced a roadmap update for their stunning AAA MMORPG Swords of Legends Online. Updated in line with the SOLO community’s requests, the roadmap revealed content that provides even more difficult challenges and more in-game events to come to the game ahead of schedule. Starting tomorrow, players will have the opportunity to participate in the latest in-game event, the Moon Festival.

Starting on September 16th, 2021 players will be able to earn new avatars, emojis for chat, and a new photo filter for cool snapshots. The Festival Grounds can be accessed by talking to Velveteen at the Blessed Dew Terrace to open a portal leading to the beautiful Xinghejian Island. There, players will be able to celebrate together in this paradise area, which offers a moonlight swing, lantern ceremonies, lunar rituals, the rabbit meadow, and dynamic scenery such as the three different enchanting effects available only in the evening.

Moon Festival Activities:
Road to the Moon Palace: A single-player minigame that tests your memory while tracing paths within a small area.

Star Gatherer: Another single-player minigame with different colored stars falling from the sky onto the water’s surface. Collect them and get one point for blue stars and one point for yellow stars, plus a stackable speed buff for five seconds. Stay away from the red stars, if possible, because they will stun you for a few seconds.

Bright Light Blessing: Not limited to the Festival Grounds, this game can be played anywhere in the game by using Moon Offering Incense to buy Sky Lanterns from Velveteen, which can be set loose to fly off into the seemingly endless skies above Shenzhou. At night (daily from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM in-game time in Cloudrise, Chang’an, and Jiangdu), you will be refunded a portion of the cost of purchasing the Sky Lanterns and have a chance to win additional prizes in a raffle! If you are a member of an alliance, get the special “Sky Lantern: Alliance” to summon a larger lantern — the alliance benefits from this by receiving a large amount of Alliance Contributions once per week.

Participating in these events will reward players with Moon Offering Incense, the event currency that can be used when visiting the event store to purchase a variety of themed rewards.

Additional content with tomorrow’s update will include:

  • New Extreme Dungeons: Frostbitten Path, Chou Prison, and Raging River Ruins
  • New Hard Mode: Xuanjiu Jade Palace Raid
  • Shop Update: New mounts and costumes
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