The Most Anticipated PC Games of 2021

As we close in on the festive season and talk turns to the big guy in the red suit, it’s also a time for passing on whispers of the next big PC games released in the new year. We take a brief look back on the best PC games released in 2020 and what we have to look forward to next year. Read on to uncover the PC games we recommend in 2021.

The Best PC Games of 2020

PC gaming in 2020 lived up to expectations with some fantastic releases catering to gamers of different persuasions. Sports fans will have enjoyed Super Mega Baseball while the real baseball was postponed. And strategist gamers have been served up a treat in Crusader Kings 3. But one of the biggest 2020 PC gaming innovations has to be Half-Life: Alyx, one of the most progressive virtual reality PC games to hit the market to date.

Most Anticipated PC Games of 2021

1.     Empire of Sin

If you love mob games then there is arguably no better mob game than Empire of Sin. Releases next year, the game is exceptionally detailed with a thick plot and complex characters. It has a movie-like feel to it as the game is narrated by the chief gang member as he unravels the story. Not to leave out how good the gameplay is with almost countless scenes to explore.

2.     Live Dealer Innovation (Multiple!)

It is not just a classic online casino game like the Big Runner Deluxe slot or European Roulette that will have gamblers flocking to the casino in 2021. Other new casino slots are being made and breaking the mold on what types of games are available. Once upon a time, casinos would look very predictable but now new slot themes are being created every month and live dealer PC games are becoming more unique with game show vibes and gambling formats never have seen before, such as Monopoly Live which is now available to play at Unibet.

3.     Hitman 3

Hitman 3 won’t unearth anything exceptionally new to previous Hitman PC gamers, but it continues to do the good stuff well. The game is, as the name suggests, all about killing. If you like to unearth a murderous streak in your PC gaming sessions then this will be one for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t played any of the other Hitman games, you can pick this one up first if you wish.

4.     Evil Genius 2

Do you want to feel old? Evil Genius first released back in 2014. But there is a new variation of the game in 2021 which will follow the cuddly attempts to take over the world. The idea is the same as you build lairs and prepare to create world domination, and of course, the graphics are much better these days.

5.     Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has kept the good aspects of their first game and changed what we believed held the game back. It is still a concoction of zombie fighting and parkour, but one of the biggest differences is the settings. They are now somewhat fantasy settings and the narrative of the game will be given a lot more attention.

Will PC Gaming Remain as Popular in 2021?

Some people argue that PC gaming is being ousted as one of the most popular niches in the gaming industry. It accounts for just half of the revenue that mobile gaming brings in and stands fierce competition against console gaming. It has been reported that mobile gaming will continue to outpace PC gaming and other types of gaming.

But PC gaming is not being overlooked in 2021 and caters to a certain type of gamer. With more great PC games about to hit the digital shelves and innovative casino games on the way, PC gaming is going nowhere in 2021!

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