The Next Call of Duty Battle Royale

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 on the horizon, countless players are excited to play the newest installment in the series. There are lots of conversations around the latest changes coming to the game — many of which have never been in the series before. These new changes have had the attention of gamer’s as there seriously are tons of features for players to learn about. Through the many interviews that have been conducted with different staff members at Infinity Ward, we have learned various details about the game. A question that’s been asked, “Will this game have a battle royale mode?”… and every time the answers have been inconclusive. Statements such as “We aren’t talking about anything other than what we have shown” or “You will have to wait to see what is in the full game” were given. These answers have always been open-ended, and they have never specifically said “no.” This has had many gamer’s wondering and speculating about whether or not there will be a battle royale mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.

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With the popularity of Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode, it would make sense that Activision (the publisher of the Call of Duty series) would want to include the currently most popular game mode as part of their next installment. With battle royale being as popular as it is, most expected that Activision would use a new battle royale mode to market the next Call of Duty game … and so far it has not been announced at all. The fact they have not marketed it at all (and backed-up by the claims of a very reliable Call of Duty leaker who has been leaking information about the Call of Duty series for many years) seems to indicate what the plans for the next Call of Duty battle royale will be. This leaker was the one who claimed that the next Call of Duty after Black Ops 4 was going to be a reboot of the Modern Warfare series, and that it would change the series in a major  way. Now, months after that leak, all of his information has proven true — greatly solidifying his status as an accurate Call of Duty leaker.

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The latest leak is that the next Call of Duty battle royale will be releasing in 2020 and will be part of the new Modern Warfare universe being released this year. This battle royale mode is set to be a standalone, Free-To-Play release on all platforms. If this leak is to be believed, then players truly have something to look forward to (if they are fans of the battle royale genre). The newest Call of Duty Modern Warfare stands to be a great experience and will likely draw-in a larger than usual playerbase with the cross-platform capabilities that will be a first for the Call of Duty series. With cross-platform play being such a large feature of Modern Warfare driving players excitement, it would only make sense to include the same cross-platform features in a new battle royale set within the same game universe. It’s safe to assume that this version of battle royale mode will be using the same new engine rendering technology that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 will be debuting as well as familiar game assets and weapons for players to interact with.

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All in all, this leak has a lot of people excited and anticipating what could be another huge battle royale in the gaming scene. With the leaker providing this information being a reliable source, it won’t be a surprise if what they have leaked comes to light one day as the truth. Personally, I am excited for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 as everything I have seen so far has me wanting to get my hands on it to experience all the new additions to the Call of Duty series in the form of never-before-seen mechanics and gameplay opportunities that provide a unique experience for first person shooters on the market. Only time will tell if this battle royale mode exists, but until then, it is fun to speculate with the information we have.

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