The Pegasus Expedition Welcomes New Content Update: The Height of the Empire

Fulqrum Publishing and Kalla Gameworks have announced The Height of the Empire, the third major content update for their story-driven, sci-fi grand strategy title, The Pegasus Expedition. Available on Steam,, and the Epic Games Store, this update is the largest to date, introducing a new gameplay scenario, new systems, thermonuclear weapons, visual improvements, and more.

The Height of the Empire offers an alternate history scenario to the game’s main campaign, in which the Tamanin Empire remains unified against the player, rather than splintering into factions as in the main story. Players must face the unified Empire’s fierce opposition and be prepared for immediate warfare.

This content update also brings changes to the consequence system, providing players with a better understanding of how their choices affect their campaign. A new Veterancy system has been introduced, allowing units that survive multiple battles to gain Veteran status and perform better in combat situations.

Furthermore, an Edicts system has been added, enabling players to more effectively manage their empire and overcome any crises that may arise. The update also introduces automated fleet upgrades, reducing endgame busywork, and various visual effect improvements.

One of the most notable additions to The Pegasus Expedition is the inclusion of thermonuclear weapons. These powerful weapons can significantly impact combat but come with drawbacks. Each warhead occupies an entire equipment slot, and using them results in considerable reputation penalties. Despite these consequences, thermonuclear weapons can change the course of battle dramatically.

The Height of the Empire is the third of four planned early access content updates for The Pegasus Expedition, following Scattered Empires and At the Center of It All, both of which introduced new gameplay scenarios and various changes and bug fixes.

In addition to the new features and content, The Height of the Empire content update includes several other changes and fixes:


  • Happiness has been rebalanced and should be more sensible and predictable.
  • Social media buttons in the menu have been updated.
  • Repair costs and time have been rebalanced for better usability.
  • Fleet management UI elements have been updated.
  • Players can now zoom in much further.


  • Fixed an issue where AI movement occasionally caused the game to crash.
  • Fixed end cutscene voice lines sometimes playing at incorrect times.
  • Fixed flickering issues with some UI elements.
  • Fixed issue where the game would start without music.
  • Fixed issue where the game could freeze at Anabah combat.
  • Many other minor miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

The Height of the Empire content update expands The Pegasus Expedition’s gameplay options, providing players with an engaging and dynamic strategy experience in a rich sci-fi universe.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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