Neverwinter: Avernus Gets New Episodic Content with ‘The Redeemed Citadel’

Cryptic Studios has just released new episodic content for Neverwinter: Avernus that brings a special limited time campaign: The Redeemed Citadel. The content is available now on PC and will launch at a later date on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

For the new campaign, The Redeemed Citadel, players will find that the powerful ruler of Avernus, Archdevil Zariel, is newly redeemed and free from Asmodeus’ bondage as she seeks to redress the balance of her dark deeds. In pursuit of this goal, Zariel desires for the Bleeding Citadel to be restored to its former glory — for it to once again serve as a bastion of angelic strength in the Nine Hells.

In this epic campaign, rather than taking on weekly hauls or campaign tasks, Neverwinter players instead need to work together to reach four major milestones and reforge the citadel. By completing challenging missions in the citadel, such as slaying deadly devils and demons on the surface of Avernus, players will advance the progress of the citadel’s restoration and earn Zariel Favor, currency that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Below is all of the content included in the new update:

  • New Area – The Redeemed Citadel
    • Parts of the Citadel will slowly unlock as server-wide milestones are reached over the next couple months.
      • There will be a total of 4 milestones.
    • Citadel Chamber Unlocked on 9/18 – The Central Sword Chamber
  • Players can take on new quests and earn Zariel’s Favor currency, which can be spent at the Zariel’s Favor Vendor in The Redeemed Citadel.
    • New Quests – Help Zariel redeem the Citadel and push back the armies of demons and devils.
    • New Hunt Targets – Hunt down particularly strong enemies on the surface of Avernus.
  • New Reforger’s Blessing
    • Players who purchase this in the Zen Market will be able to complete milestones and personal progressions at their own pace.
    • Players who purchase all 4 blessings (one for each milestone) and claim all the personal rewards will receive the new playable Aasimar race!

Players can acquire the following rewards:

  • Episode 1 – Rewards:
    • Citadel Artisan’s Transmute Gear
    • Astral Diamonds
    • Preservation Wards
    • Companion Upgrade Tokens
    • Mount Tokens
    • Avernus Treasure Maps
  • Episode 1 – Reforger’s Blessing Rewards:
    • Blessed Blade Mainhand and Offhand Weapons.
    • Vanguard of the Citadel (Angel Companion)
    • Boots of the Rat King (FX boots that summon rats)
    • Zariel Vanity Pet
    • Rings
    • Teleport Scrolls to the Redeemed Citadel
    • Astral Diamonds
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