Neon battle lines have been drawn and warriors from across the StellarNet are manning their Drones on the eve of the RetroWar. AI Corp, of course, stands on the side of what is good and pure, and profitable but our foes will stop at nothing to bring us down. 

The RetroWar will take place across time and space, thanks to our propriety technology! In your (primitive) time you can take part in the Another Indie Discord Server,

The RetroWar will run from 21:00 (PST) Wednesday 20th of May to 21:00 (PST) Monday 25th of May

Choose your side carefully, choose AI Corp!

  1. The deadly Virals, a band of rogue AI and disenfranchised jobless scum, wish to delete humanity from the StellarNet and banish us to inhabiting Meat Sacks once more! You know how terrible that is!
  2. The extremist Freemergents believe we can just “get along” and that the StellarNet should belong to those with joy in their hearts, not money in their pockets
  3. AI Corp believes that humanity can be harnessed and put to work. Think of what we can do when everyone makes money. For US!

Follow the link, follow the instructions, pick your faction, and download the totally free RetroWar applicated to join the fray.

Legends will rise, fates will be changed, and prizes will be shared!

  1. ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THE RETROWAR will receive a Custom set of RetroWar Skins for their Drone!
  2. ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THE WINNING TEAM will receive a FREE COPY of Retrograde Arena when it launches in Early Access on May 28th
  3. THE LEGEND, the one with the most kills, will receive all the above, plus 200 USD worth of Steam Credit!


  • A Multiplayer Spectacle (Online & Local): Battle with up to 6 friends or AI in rapid-fire rounds of neon-drenched fury with retro-futuristic weapons.
  • Three Game Modes for Different Skill Types:
    • Last Man Standing for the quickest finger and deadliest shot.
    • King’s Crown for tactical ambush and intelligent skirmishes.
    • SuperSizer for a new and intriguing game based around an insurmountable enemy.
  • Physics Is The Key: Dominate Newton’s laws and use your weapon’s recoil to dodge enemy attacks, smash them into walls, or fly around the arena at great speed.
  • Grab Your Weapon: Use traditional weapons like machine guns, railguns, and shotguns to slam enemies to their doom! Or reflect enemy attacks back at them with the Mirror, unleash the dread Accelerator, or create a deadly black hole with the Imploder.
  • Conquer Every Arena: Each arena has its own layout and unique quirks that demand different strategies to succeed!
  • Beauty Matters: Unlock different skins, thrusters, and particle effects to personalize your drone.
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