The Rise in Mobile igaming

Recent years have seen many changes in the way that we gamble. Online gambling keeps on getting increasingly popular. Whether it be betting on sport or trying to get wins at a casino, online is the place to go. Even more so, accessing the sportsbooks and casinos on your mobile devices is the desired way to gamble.

Why is mobile gaming so popular? There are several reasons and technology advancements are at the heart of why this is the case. The first of these advancements is the arrival of the internet. Gamblers that were used to going to their local bookmakers and placing their bets, suddenly found a whole new world arriving.

The dreaded ‘closed’ sign at the bookmakers no longer meant the end of gambling for that day. Now they could just go home and place as many bets as they wanted at online sports betting sites. Even into the early hours of the day due to the global coverage of sites.

Everything changed with more in-play betting being offered to customers. Add on a host of welcome offers and other promotions and gambling online was an entirely different entity.

With so much to maintain the interest of the gamblers, another advancement was extremely welcome. Mobile phones had been around for a while but advancements in technology meant they had far more uses.

Actually, making a phone call on your mobile devices wasn’t the main purpose of owning one. As well as all the texting and taking photos, apps became a vital part of owning a mobile phone. Bookmakers realised that mobile technology had advanced to a level that they could take advantage of.

One problem with mobiles had been all that freezing that went on. Gamblers became so frustrated when their screen froze just at the wrong moment. A bet couldn’t be made and by the time everything was back to normal, the odds had problem drastically shortened.

Watching sporting events live was also a problem if the screen froze. Being able to read everything clearly was also a problem on some mobiles. As mobile technology improved beyond belief, betting on the move became increasingly popular.

Now we find ourselves in a position where online gambling sites have an incredible amount of content. It’s not just betting on the latest Premier League game or the next test match. Online casinos have grown in popularity in recent years, especially mobile casino games though the advancement of real money casino apps.

The pandemic helped the cause as online sports betting sites suddenly saw their content reduced. With the main football leagues around the world suspended and bricks and mortar casinos closed, online casinos became increasingly popular.

More emphasis was put on playing roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack. As people had more time on their hands, they opened online casino accounts. The presence of online live casinos, similar to those temporarily closed was attractive. Now more players were using their mobile devices to try and get a winning hand or hope their lucky number would live up to its name when the roulette wheel stopped.

Statistics released by the American Gaming Association last year confirmed the popularity of gambling on your mobile. It continued to be the most popular way to do so, especially with younger people. Half of all online gamblers have made bets on their smartphone.

That’s up to nearly three-quarters when it comes to 18–34-year-olds. Many more online gambling sites are launched, the desire to play games on mobiles is only likely to increase.

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