The Seas are Yours: Battlewake Now Available on Steam, Oculus Rift, PS VR & Viveport

Survios, best known for acclaimed combat games Raw Data and Creed: Rise to Glory, has set sail with its original title, Battlewake, on PlayStation, SteamVR, Oculus Home, and Viveport. For a limited time only, players can navigate the epic 20-chapter Story campaign or fight for dominion in 10-player PvP for $29.99 with a 15% launch discount.

This seafaring action combat game, made exclusively for virtual reality (VR), turns players into super-powered Pirate Lords fighting for the ultimate dominion. Captain a massive battle-ready ship, navigate lush, elemental seascapes and embark on a larger-than-life nautical war for the ages.

Battlewake is coming soon to PlayStation European regions. Distribution for the Oculus Quest is to be announced.

The Virtual Athletics League (VAL) will host a Battlewake competition, Sept. 19-22, with cash, physical prizes and potential incentives over $10,000 in value. For more information regarding rules, event and entry details please visit

To learn more about Battlewake, and other Survios upcoming titles, please visit or join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, or the official Survios Discord.



  • Powerful ultimates and abilities
    • Play as four Pirate Lords (Diego, Rev, Calavera and Zhang) and channel ancient magics for special and ultimate attacks only recalled from tall tales. Unleash mighty tsunamis, send your enemies’ ships flying in stormy maelstroms, and literally release the Kraken.
  • Solo, Co-op and PvP Modes
    • Navigate the epic 20-chapter story of the Pirate Lords’ quest to discover an ancient seat of power in solo/co-op Campaign Mode, work together to complete objectives in dynamic Warfare Mode (up to 4 players), or embrace the pirate’s life in free-for-all PvP deathmatch (up to 10 players).
  • Fully-Armed, Upgradable Warships:
    • Thirteen different ship-based weapons draw inspiration from naval battles both real and imagined. Command flak cannons, ballistae, axe-throwers and more.
  • Player Progression
    • From your Captain’s Quarters, spend gold earned from matches to boost your ship’s stats and arsenal, as well as levelling up your own Pirate Lord skills and abilities to turn the tides in your favor.
  • Technology:
    • No sea-sickness: From Raw Data’s teleshift to Sprint Vector’s fluid locomotion, Survios has made great strides in challenging the standards of VR movement. Battlewake marks Survios’s first venture into vehicular locomotion and combat in VR, with a proprietary technology coined the Immersive Vehicle System. Using Adaptive Physics and Peripheral Effects subsystems, players can focus on the battle at hand and take on the wildest waves, while limiting the common triggers of sea-sickness.
    • Reactive Water: the sea turns from peaceful to extreme as comets and tentacles blast into the water, bosses arrive and send out shockwaves, ultimates transform water into whirlpools, tidal waves and maelstroms to make truly epic battles.
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