The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Celebrates Its 4th Year Anniversary with “Grand Festival” Game Update

Netmarble, a renowned developer and publisher of top-quality mobile games, is thrilled to launch the “Grand Festival” in celebration of the 4th Year Anniversary of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross (7DS). This highly-anticipated in-game update brings a plethora of exciting features, including a new character, limited-time events, and various rewards.

Players can immerse themselves in the 4th Year Anniversary “Grand Festival,” divided into two parts: Gift (May 30th – June 13th) and Snatch (June 13th and 27th). Let’s delve into the thrilling new content and events that await players:

New Character: The roster of playable heroes in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross expands with the addition of [The Seven Deadly Sins] Transcendent Ban. Players can now harness the power of this formidable character in their battles.

Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Survey Festival Draw: During this event, players have a chance to obtain the newly-added hero, [The Seven Deadly Sins] Transcendent Ban. The draw also offers the opportunity to acquire other popular heroes like [Cursed Shackles] Purgatory Meliodas and [Fire of Life] Ultimate Escanor. At 300 and 600 mileages, players are guaranteed to receive 1 SSR hero, while [The Seven Deadly Sins] Transcendent Ban is guaranteed at 900 mileages.

Starter Rush Draw Returns: Spanning over a 14-day period, this event grants players one chance for 11 consecutive draws daily, totaling 154 draws. At 300 mileages, players are guaranteed to obtain a festival hero. Using Diamonds, players can acquire a festival hero at 450 and 600 mileages. All heroes received will be at the UR 90 level and fully awakened condition.

Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Check-in Events:

  • 4th Anniversary Eve Special Check-in Event: This event runs for ten days and offers players a ticket for the 4th Anniversary Eve Special Guest Step-up Draw. Players can enjoy a chance at 11 consecutive draws on a daily basis, accumulating a total of 110 draws. By participating, players have the opportunity to earn two SSR heroes, including the new hero ‘MAVE: Lead Vocal Zena.’
  • Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Check-in Event Part I: From May 30 onward, players can earn a maximum of 300 Diamond Rewards across a 28-day period.
  • Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Check-in Event Part II: Throughout the 14-day promotional period, players can earn up to 140 tickets, which can be used to open the 4th Anniversary Jumping Gift Box.

4th Anniversary Jumping Gift Box Event: In this event, players can obtain a maximum of five fully awakened UR 90 level heroes and a maximum of seven fully awakened equipment sets.

4th Anniversary Grand Festival Special Mission: Comprising five different missions, players can earn rewards by completing each mission. Rewards include one One-step Evolution Token, ten Grand Cross 4th Anniversary Survey Festival Draw Tickets, fifty 4th Anniversary Jumping Gift Box Tickets, and high-quality growth materials.

4th Anniversary Event Boss Parade: Face off against challenging bosses such as Aboru, Indigenous Purgatory Creature, and Graeon. By defeating them, players can earn rewards like Diamonds, 4th Anniversary Jumping Gift/Snatch Tickets, 4th Anniversary Card Packs, and growth materials.

Apart from these exciting events, players can enjoy additional new content in this game update. The 4th Anniversary Ban’s Special Recipe is a fresh cooking item that grants effects such as increasing the chances of earning materials to enhance costumes and demon materials. Additionally, a new PvE content called ‘Hero Arena’ has been introduced, where players can earn in-game items and points by winning consecutive battles and strategically selecting defense decks at different leagues.

Moreover, Chapter 27 has been added, expanding the game’s storyline and providing players with new challenges. To further enhance gameplay, new Holy Relics for Lostvayne Meliodas and Queen Diane have been introduced, allowing players to strengthen their characters with powerful relics.

Last but not least, as a special treat for the game’s 4th anniversary, the highest level of progression, known as ‘Evolution’ or LR level, has been implemented. This new level offers significant improvements in basic stats and ultimate moves, accompanied by visual changes to the heroes’ appearance. It is worth noting that only Lostvayne Meliodas is eligible for this LR level upgrade.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has proven to be a beloved mobile game over the past four years, captivating players with its immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and engaging storyline. The “Grand Festival” update serves as a testament to the game’s ongoing success and commitment to providing exciting content for its dedicated fanbase.

As the 4th Year Anniversary celebrations continue, players can look forward to the “Grand Festival” update, filled with new characters, events, and rewards. Whether you’re a long-time player or a newcomer to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, now is the perfect time to jump into the action and experience the thrilling world of Britannia.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

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