The Solus Project Is Getting a Huge, Free Expansion

Posted by Petr Ciesarík, PR and Marketing Manager at Grip Digital on XBox Wire

I’m from Grip Digital, developer of The Solus Project, a survival sci-fi adventure game for Xbox One that is part of the Xbox Game Preview Program. First things first: I would like to thank all of our early adopters for supporting and playing The Solus Project. We are really glad that most of you are enjoying the game, and it’s my pleasure to announce that today, we’re releasing a huge, new, and completely free piece of content called The Highpoint Expansion.

In the first part of The Solus Project, you have been exploring an island and trying to establish communication with the Solus command near Pluto. After your first steps, you see that things are not right on this planet. Are you alone? But… no more spoilers about the story. Let’s talk more about the new piece of content!

In The Highpoint Expansion, you will explore the new – and very vertical – Highpoint Island, along with its accompanying massive cave level. The expansion features tons of new content, with over three hours worth of additional story and gameplay. This includes a new cave look, acid lakes, dozens of strange flying orbs, a monstrous creature, and a massive windmill. The plot thickens as you venture ever deeper into the world of The Solus Project, and begin to understand even more of what has happened on the planet.

Alongside the new content, a large new patch is included that fixes known bugs and balances dozens of existing features. The game is part still of the Xbox Game Preview Program, so feel free to contact us in-game if you’ll find any issues.

Again, The Highpoint Expansion is now available for free. Just update the game, and you will be able to continue the story. If the update isn’t available yet in your territory, just be patient – the update will be rolling out today!


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