The Surge Review

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The Surge is difficult, but very fun and rewarding. It follows the tried and true formula that the Dark Souls games use, but lacks some of the depth. The combat is intense and I never felt like I could be on autopilot while fighting. For the indoctrinated this game can be quite a shock. There is very little hand holding and mistakes are usually paid for in blood. The robot and humanoid enemies are well designed and go well with the varied environments. Progression can sometimes feel like a crawl, but getting to that next area or strong enemy is exhilarating.

Boss Fights are intense in the best kind of way. Some patterns can seem unfair, but the combat engine affords plenty of options if utilized properly. Distributing points and determining what gear to level or upgrade can make all the difference. There are two different classes: One that is more agile, and the other more of a tank build. No matter which one is used, careful management of the stamina meter and hit points is very important. Some Souls fans may be discouraged with the length of the game, or the fact that there is not as much variety in the way the player can specialize traits. There are mods that can be acquired from enemies that enhance abilities and add variety to the gameplay. The weapons are just plain cool and really enhance the techno ambiance.


The plot often feels forgettable, but I did find myself rooting for the protagonist and wanting him to escape alive. His dialogue felt the most genuine. I am still interested in knowing more about the character and what made him decide to take this job before it all went to hell. The guy has grit, and sometimes it feels like he has been doing this forever. I really want to know why. The Surge is a great game that has some polish but falls a bit short of the lofty standards of the target demographic it is aimed at.

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