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The Universim – PC Review

If you’re like me and are looking to boost your God complex, The Universim, developed and published by Crytivo Games, could be the game for you. The Universim is a God sim, allowing you, the Lord Almi...

8.8 Great 8.2 Great User Avg

The Universim is now available on Steam!

After months of waiting, the highly-anticipated planet management god game, The Universim, has finally launched on Steam Early Access. According to Crytivo, this is the biggest update yet, featuring a...

8.2 Great User Avg

The Universim – Nugget’s Story Trailer and Launch Price Announcement

Crytivo has just released a new Steam Early Access Announcement Trailer in anticipation of the game’s launch on August 28. The trailer tells the story of two Nuggets, Adahy and Elu, as they traverse t...

8.2 Great User Avg

Planet Management God Game “The Universim” hits Steam on August 28th

There is little over a month left until the ambitious Planet Management God Game, The Universim, releases on Steam. The game has been in development for quite some time, and Crytivo, the studio behind...

8.2 Great User Avg

The Universim Steam Release Date Announcement

Crytivo has announced that their highly-anticipated Planet Management God Game, The Universim, will drop on Steam Early Access on August 28. Official pricing details have not yet been confirmed. The U...

8.2 Great User Avg

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