The Walking Dead: All-Stars Introduces New Hero Inventor Eugene Alongside Seasonal Holiday Event

A new survivor is coming to town in The Walking Dead: All-Stars, the mobile collection RPG from Com2uS Holdings and Skybound Entertainment. Today’s Update 1.7.5 welcomes new hero Inventor Eugene to its post-apocalyptic wonderland and decks the halls with seasonal visuals. Try out Inventor Eugene’s diverse skills in the new Survival Record stages, earn rewards through limited-time seasonal events, bundle up with fan-favorite Sophia’s new winter skin, and more.

A New Chapter – Stand against insurmountable odds in All-Stars’ evocative story, running adjacent to The Walking Dead comic series. A new Survivor Record chapter follows a group of survivors, including Annie and Henry, as they’re beset by raiders.

New Character: Inventor Eugene – The duplicitous Eugene returns as a new, Mythical-grade character with a revamped skill set in the Overseer alignment. Deploy imaginative makeshift weapons like a reconstructed fire extinguisher and outlast the undead by restoring your own HP.

Mysterious Survivor Event Dungeon – Put Eugene’s inventions to the test alongside other survivors in a new PvE gauntlet. Earn Skill Manuals, Gold Bars, and even a random Epic-grade character for mastering his unique combat style.

New Skin: Snowflake Sophia – Help Carol’s resourceful daughter find some holiday cheer by equipping this charming outfit—a warm winter coat complete with a teddy bear and red-and-green seasonal accents.

Holiday Treats Galore – Collect firewood as you advance along a winter-themed progression track in the Stock Up! the event, exchanging firewood bundles for highly sought-after characters. Help Sophia in the return of Town Management to score upgrade items and log in seven times by December 19th for a special holiday present—your choice of an Epic-grade character among powerful favorites like Tyreese and Leader Rick.

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