The Walking Dead: All-Stars to Receive Major Gameplay Updates This Month

Face the new year with courage and new comrades in The Walking Dead: All-Stars, the mobile collection RPG from Com2uS Holdings, in partnership with Skybound Entertainment. Today’s major update welcomes John, a former antagonist from the Walking Dead comic series, who wields a flaming hammer with devastating multi-target damage. Apply new “Benefits” in battle to take already mythical characters to even greater heights of power, outfit your survivors with the new Facility Management game mode, experience the next chapter in the riveting main story, and more.

Today’s updates join a host of recent additions to kick off the new year, including new survivors like frontline fighter Siddiq and original character Malcolm, plus limited-time login bonuses and new Survival Record story scenarios.

Fight back against the walkers in more ways than ever:

A New Chapter Unfolds – In the next episode of The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ original story, the Asyl survivors gather power and search for allies beyond their borders. This narrative expands upon the timeline established in the global phenomenon Walking Dead comic book series.

New Character: John – The leader of the Saviors emerges from the comic series wielding a flaming hammer. John’s technician class makes for effective multi-target combat, making him critical when the numbers and odds are stacked against your survivors.

Facility Management – In this brand-new content, activate various facilities to build your stock of items and weapons. Customize a support network to gain the upper hand in battle.

More Sides to the Story – Venture outside Asyl with a new Survival Record continuing the tale of Annie, Henry, and others scavenging for supplies beyond its walls.

New Character: Malcolm – An original survivor of All-Stars, Malcolm is a warlord alignment, an epic-grade character with plentiful party support options. Dial allies’ attack power up to 11 with Malcolm’s ultimate skill, As Planned, and boost your own survivability with other robust buffs.

New Character: Siddiq – Added to the game on Jan. 3, Siddiq steps out of the comic series to lend his construction talents to his friends. His signature tools make for fierce short-range attacks, giving him a specialized role in the party. Get to grips with Siddiq’s strengths in a new Mysterious Survivor PvE dungeon.

Limited-Time Bonuses – Login for seven days before Jan. 30 to score beneficial items like Survivor Choice Recruit Tickets, and boost your characters with rewards from the Town Management event.

More to Come – Stay tuned this month for the Warehouse Clearance event kicking off on January 27th plus yet another new character and content update debuting on Jan. 30.

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