This Means Warp Set to Leave Early Access and Launch on Consoles

Jagex and Outlier Games have announced that their co-op survival game, This Means Warp, will exit Early Access and launch on PC on May 4th, 2023. The spaceship management roguelite, which initially entered Early Access in March 2022, will also be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

In This Means Warp, players explore a hostile galaxy, team up to battle dangerous enemies, upgrade their ships, and adapt their strategies to survive in the procedurally generated universe. Throughout its Early Access phase, the game has received multiple updates, including the addition of ship-to-ship boarding, multi-ship battles, new missions, and a variety of unique weapons.

The full launch will introduce a second player ship, prompting players to rethink their approach to the game’s perilous journey. Other new features include four extra scenarios for players to overcome and new color options for customizing ships.

Key features of This Means Warp include:

  1. Procedurally generated challenges: Players will face unique gameplay experiences with randomized maps, items, enemies, and encounters, requiring them to adapt to new challenges using their arsenal of weapons and upgrades.
  2. Strategic combat: Players must think on their feet during hectic, real-time battles, balancing the task of defeating foes with keeping their ship intact.
  3. Varied crewmate roster: The game offers a diverse array of crewmates to support players as they face challenge after challenge in the galaxy. Players can team up with up to three other players or opt to fill their crew’s ranks with AI crewmates.

This Means Warp is currently available in Steam Early Access for £16.75/$19.99/€19.50, offering players a chance to experience the game before its full launch and console debut.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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