Three Games That Have Been Transformed Into Movies

The worlds of gaming and cinema often intertwine, and there have been numerous examples of this over the past couple of years. The first-ever crossover between the two came back in 1993 when Super Mario Bros was released. It’s easy to see why distributors have continued down this route because that initial success was a huge success with the film taking in $32,378,316 at the box office. But, which three video games have been transformed into films over the past couple of years?

Detective Pikachu

Pokemon is one of the most recognizable franchises in the world, and it has long been a franchise that has been as successful on the big screen as well as a video game screen. In 2019, Pokemon fans were given an insight into what a world with Pokemon could actually look like with the first-ever live-action release.

Detective Pikachu was loosely based on a game with the same title and starred a number of huge stars. Among those was Ryan Reynolds, who gave his voice to the role of Pikachu. The film focused on Tim Goodman’s search for his father, as he enlisted the help of Pikachu. Its success was immediate, as the film grossed over $433 million. Fans won’t have to wait much longer for a sequel, as it was revealed that a follow-up was in the works in early 2019.

Sonic The Hedgehog

It was a long road for Sonic The Hedgehog fans, as they were forced to wait nearly 30 years for the release of a feature film. Plans for a film were in the works in the 90s, but they were dropped until Sony Pictures picked them up again in 2013. The film was also delayed by three months due to backlash from fans that citied that Sonic looked nothing like he was supposed to.

However, the film was finally released in January 2020, and it followed Sonic as he tried to find the lost rings and escape capture from Dr. Robotnik; played by Jim Carrey. Most of the negative reviews focused on the lack of substance in the story, but it still managed to become the fifth-highest grossing film this calendar year. Like Detective Pikachu, a sequel is already planned.

Tomb Raider

There have been numerous Tomb Raider films released down the years, but the most recent installment with a new cast was released in March 2018. Alicia Vikander played the starring role, which saw Croft trying to find out what happened to her father. The adventure takes her to all corners of the world to solve the mystery.

It largely gained favorable reviews and grossed more than the Lara Croft film that was released in 2003, and the same as the film released in 2001. Croft is often a superhero that excels on all fronts, with popular slots games also focusing on the hero. You can play one of the most popular versions of the slot game using parhaat vedonlyöntibonukset with this leading site. A sequel is already in the works for Vikander’s second outing as Croft.

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