THRUSTMASTER® signs a partnership with SPARCO®, the high-quality motorsports equipment maker, to be even closer to the racing community

THRUSTMASTER® is thrilled to announce that it has entered into a partnership with SPARCO® S.p.A. This partnership will allow THRUSTMASTER® to design, develop, produce, market and distribute officially-licensed SPARCO® products in order to add to Thrustmaster’s racing ecosystem, and offer complete high-end racing solutions for pro-level e-racers with Sparco’s gaming range. Sparco is currently celebrating 40 years in motorsports equipment, while Thrustmaster has been developing racing peripherals since 1993. Combining the vast experience of both organizations will serve the e-racing community in its goal of getting as close as possible to the real world of motorsports.

THRUSTMASTER® ranks among the worldwide market leaders in racing peripherals, and has been in the PC and console video game market since 1993. With the emergence of increasingly realistic virtual worlds, our aim over the coming years is to support the gaming community and develop innovative solutions for hardcore e-racing fans,” explains Davide Brivio, Sparco’s Gaming Program Manager. “With this in mind, teaming up with the worldwide leader in that field felt obvious for SPARCO®. Complementing our own SPARCO® gaming range of racing seats and racing gloves, THRUSTMASTER’s officially-licensed SPARCO® products will offer the gaming community new top racing gear replicating our competition and rally model and spirit.”

SPARCO® has been a world leader in auto parts and accessories – including racing seats, tuning parts such as racing wheels, and fireproof racing suits, gloves and shoes – since 1977. SPARCO® manufactures for all the most prestigious car brands and has unique expertise in innovative composite and fireproof textiles, having built a very strong reputation in real-word motorsports also reflected in the virtual racing world,” notes Gilles Raulet, THRUSTMASTER’s Development Director. “Our two organizations share common values of passion, quality and innovation, so teaming up with SPARCO® was a totally natural fit for THRUSTMASTER. With eSports growing faster than ever before, e-racers and eSports racing event organizers need more realistic and reliable solutions: thanks to this partnership, the leaders in both the real and virtual racing worlds are pooling our expertise to offer e-racers the most lifelike experience ever.”

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