Tin Hearts Original Game Soundtrack Now Available

Materia Collective is pleased to present the Tin Hearts (Original Game Soundtrack) with music composed by Matthew Chastney. InTin Hearts, players guide a procession of toy soldiers through a magical world full of wonder and mystery with Chastney’s touching score accenting the emotional story. The developer, Rogue Sun, describes the game as “A cross between Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and Lemmings taking place in a world with an old timey Disney aesthetic,” and Chastney’s score is the perfect accompaniment. The Tin Hearts (Original Game Soundtrack) is now available:

Tin Hearts

  • Tin Hearts (Original Game Soundtrack) on Bandcamp
  • Tin Hearts (Original Game Soundtrack) on iTunes
  • Tin hearts (Original Game Soundtrack) on Spotify

“In Tin Hearts, great care and attention has been focused on creating a magical world filled with wonder and beauty and the heartfelt story,” notes composer Matthew Chastney. “My hope is that the music compliments these ideas and immerses the player in this world, guiding them as they explore the puzzles, mysteries and uncover the emotional narrative. I have been very fortunate to have Richard Curran, Jordi Francis, Laura Intravia and Kristin Naigus performing on this music.”

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