Tis the Season: Dwarfheim Is Now Free-To-Share With FriendPass Update

Merge Games, and Norway based developers Pineleaf Studio, are proud to introduce a new way for DwarfHeim fans to bring companions into this co-op RTS experience. The groundbreaking FriendPass allows owners of the game to share some cheer this Holiday season and beyond by inviting players into a limited version of DwarfHeim completely for free! 

“We at Pineleaf Studio work to create the best games for our community,” says Hans Kleven, Game Director of DwarfHeim. “We know the pain of convincing friends to try new multiplayer games, which is why we created the FriendPass, a perfect way to introduce your friends to the co-op game and let them try it before they buy it.”

For content creators showcasing DwarfHeim gameplay on their platforms, Twitch Drops are extra incentives for them and their communities. Viewers who are taking a break from their own experience or still on the fence about jumping into Early Access can watch streams of DwarfHeim and receive free in-game items!

FriendPass is a major addition to DwarfHeim that the development team is incredibly proud of. It shines a light on the co-operative gameplay, a key pillar for Pineleaf, and gives supporters an easy way to share the fun around. It’s not the only addition, either. Ranked matches, Leaderboards, and tons of UX improvements have already landed in Early Access, and here are the additional features going live alongside FriendPass:

  • Custom Games – Enables the players to play 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, in non-matchmade environments.
  • New Basic Tutorial – New tutorial that acts as a smoother introduction, as well as a prequel to our story mode campaign coming later in our EA road map
  • Improved Keybindings – In addition to a new slider for edge movement, players can choose between Traditional and Modern keybindings for the modern and classic RTS players
  • Unit Type Effects – A big game balance that takes unit types into account, requiring more strategizing from our players. IE – An Arbalist will now deal increased damage to a Berserker, which is a fast unit, while the Berserker will deal more damage towards a Shieldbearer which is an armored unit and so on.

– Among these awesome additions the devs put a little extra under the tree with the following:

  • Global chat
  • AI Improvements
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • New build menu
  • Updated minimaps
  • Xmas decorations

– There’s plenty more that will release throughout Early Access. Stay tuned for updates on the DwarfHeim roadmap.

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