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Attention  gamers  today we are going to introduce you to a company called Toast, don’t panic we wont be cooking anything today. Toast is widely known for its high quality mobile device and laptop covers crafted from wood and leather. Customization for your case is available branding your device to show off your company logo, stream artwork, or gamer tag. Toast has been around since 2012 making devices look good & feel good with its unique eco friendly style made from our very own Portland Oregon.

The quality of toast covers is unrivaled featuring materials like FSC certified real wood veneer and top-grain American leather bound together using the latest in 3M adhesive technology. The covers are almost permanent I don’t think they are meant to be used more then once, but they do provide a nice thin layer of protection keeping your console clear of scratches or dents. Judging from the cover we assembled we do believe they will last the life span of your console.

We ordered our dark wood Toast cover after being contacted by Asylum PR we received it in about 6 days or so. Our very own Papa Brewer assembled the Xbox One cover as seen in the video below, the instructions were easy and we felt confident about the assembly when we were finished. It took about 20 minutes from start to finish to assemble the cover, it added some extra grip to the console but didn’t leave it feeling bulky. We were happy with the product it matched our dark wood office interior theme, the logo looked great and it made our console testing station feel like Headquarters home.


These covers are the real deal they are high quality, look good, feel good, and offer some protection for your console. Finally we would like to share some information about Toast’s eco friendly practices we found on there website.

    • All Toast products are designed and manufactured from start to finish in our Portland, Oregon workshop.
    • Through the Blue Sky program, 100% of the energy we use is matched by kilowatt-hours purchased from sustainable energy sources.
    • Our wood veneers are sourced from responsibly managed forests in North America.
    • The bamboo we use is sustainably grown in Asia.
    • Our “ebony” veneer is made from reclaimed wood fibers, pressed and stained to delivery the beauty of real ebony without chopping down endangered rainforests.
    • Our beautiful top-grain leather comes from American cattle.
    • All Toast products are packed using 100% FSC certified paper.
    • We are a member of 1% for the Planet, which means we donate 1% of our annual sales to nonprofits working towards a healthy environment.
    • In 2016, we launched a program through our partnership with Trees For the Future to plant one tree seedling for each Toast cover we make. One Toast, One Tree!
    • Through our Lean Manufacturing efforts, we strive to minimize waste across the company by constantly streamlining our everyday processes and practices, big and small.
    • Quality is a huge part of our eco-philosophy. We make beautiful things that are meant to last the entire lifespan of your device. If you pass along your gadget to someone else, we hope they will enjoy its Toastiness, too!
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