Top 5 Minecraft Plugins For Your Server

Minecraft plugins allow you to modify and edit gameplay through the server. Some of the edits are solely administration-based, while others create whole new experiences within the game. There are thousands upon thousands of plugins available, so it is important to consider some of the best for your gameplay needs. They can be found through various online sources and various developers. Some companies like Apex Hosting offer a ‘one-click’ panel to make adding plugins straightforward, while others will require you to add them manually. Continue reading below to learn more about five of the best plugins available.


WorldGuard is a plugin that is only available through WorldEdit. WorldEdit will be discussed below, but it is important to ensure you have this plugin first. This plugin works well with another plugin, which will be discussed later as well called DynMaps.

WorldGuard is made to keep parts of your Minecraft server protected and secure. Only certain players are allowed to destroy items within the areas marked by the plugin. This is great as it does not allow for just random players to destroy the world or setting you created through hard work and discipline over time.


As aforementioned, WorldEdit is required for WorldGuard to work effectively. Other plugins require WorldEdit to work best as well. This is an extremely powerful plugin that allows for the complete changing of your landscape and server.

WorldEdit creates additional tools within the server to allow you to make drastic changes as wanted and required. You have the ability, for instance, to change an entire section of blocks rather than just one at a time to save time. There are commands available as well to make the server more time efficient as well, including abilities to copy entire structures.


Vault is another plugin that is required for several others to work. This makes this server more important than many others for your server, and it should be one at the top of your list of priorities. There are no extreme changes made with this plugin, but it is an essential one.

If you plan to use a lot of plugins, Vault is absolutely necessary. It keeps all plugins working efficiently and communicative when running together. It allows for changes to be made to the chat software and user settings as needed. Other changes can be made through this plugin as well when working in conjunction with other plugins.


As mentioned, DynMap works very well with WorldGuard. The features of the plugin allow you to understand exactly what areas you want to be sectioned off with WorldGuard, for instance. This plugin truly has powerful abilities.

DynMap creates an overhead view of your server and map. It almost creates a satellite view, as you would see on map applications on a smartphone or internet browser. DynMap even allows you to see where other players are on the server and continually updates to reflect this.


Citizens is one of the original made available, and it remains as one of the best available for your server. There are many builds made available and many new user experiences. This is an excellent plugin if you want extensive modifications made available to you in your game.

Citizens add non-playable characters into the game if you want, both simple and active. There are new characters readily available to add to the game through the plugin as well. There are also expansions made available to you through the Citizens plugin that allows you to truly explore all your game and server has to offer.

Final Thoughts

There are many great plugins available for you to enhance your Minecraft experience. Many of these plugins work in tandem in order to produce the best user experience possible. There are grand modifications created with these plugins, including adding new characters and minimal details added, including new settings made available to users. Research these plugins before downloading, and be sure only to use those which are useful to you.

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