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There are too many epic games and moments to count coming out of the Madden 16 Challenge and Championship. While many of the favorites remained on their game, others dropped to the back of the pack. Through the online qualifiers, many new stars emerged and are looking to prove they are here to stay. With 1 million dollars on the line for Madden NFL 17, the entire community is ready to get on the sticks.

Here are 5 Players to keep an eye on in Madden NFL 17:

Anthony “Stiff” Sardoni Jr.

Favorite Team: Chicago Bears

The reigning Madden Champion is back for more in Madden NFL 17 and Stiff must be ready because everyone will want their shot at the champ during the upcoming season. Stiff and his crew from Madden Daily will continue their grind and no matter what happens, he will bring his aggressive style of play to compete for his share of the 1 million dollars. With a combination of emotion, passion and skill, Stiff is one of the most exciting players to watch in Madden 17.

Anthony Stiff Sardoni Jr.

Zack “Serious Moe” Lane

Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys

Serious Moe dominated the underground Madden Scene while the challenge was on hiatus. In Madden NFL 16, he quickly made the most of Madden’s return to the big stage. Moe has tremendous instinct and an ability to adapt during games. While he was crowned Madden Challenge Champ, he came up short in the Madden Championship and is looking to avenge one of his few losses this season. Look for Moe to represent his home state of Ohio in a big way during the Madden Champion Series.

Zack Serious Moe Lane

Lionel “Im Wild” Roberts

Favorite Team: St. Louis Rams

Hailing from New Orleans, ImWild made a Cinderella run all the way to the semifinals of the Madden Championship at EA Play. While it took a Hail Mary play and some luck to clinch his spot, he took the momentum and played with nothing to lose. While he ran out of time against the Problem, his confidence level is now at an all-time high coming into the new season. Each season, players seemingly appear out of nowhere and make noise in big events. Who will it be during Madden NFL 17, now that ImWild won’t be sneaking up on anyone.

Lionel Im Wild Roberts

Lavar “Mr Hollywood” Gayle

Favorite Team: New York Giants

While his name may be Hollywood, Lavar hails from New York City. This young talent from the Bronx loves to compete and out play his opponents. While he only started playing seriously in Madden NFL 12, all the other competitors know they have another serious competitor to look out for. Hollywood is well known in the underground tournament scene and online, but last season he showed there are no lights to bright for him when playing live at the Madden Championship.

Lavar Mr Hollywood Gayle

Eric “Problem” Wright

Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers

The greatest of all time returns to Madden NFL 17 with a chip on his shoulder after a loss in the Madden Championship finals. As the leader of “The Movement”, Problem has developed one of the toughest groups of players to compete against to prepare for tournaments. This group works together, practicing and fine turning their games leading up to the tournaments and it almost always leaves them prepared to dominate the competition. Look for Problem and his dominant ground attack to make a run for his share of the 1 million dollars.

Eric Problem Wright

Eric Problem Wright

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