Top 7 free bitcoin mining games

Nowadays, most people around the world are interested in earning cryptocurrency money for free. Everyone wants to get a great jackpot without investment. Moreover, if this virtual money can be turned into real money, then one may wonder why not try it? And if it so happened that you were attracted by such a method as online games, then you should first of all decide on your interests and find an online game in accordance with them.

You can earn and withdraw bitcoins to cryptocurrency wallets in games, combining business with pleasure. Find relevant online gaming sites on request win free bitcoins, but you can also choose from the options offered in this review. You need to choose a game with intuitive rules, complete certain tasks and receive a reward. Below is a brief description of the TOP 7 bitcoin mining games.


The famous game can be chosen as the main or additional method of earning cryptocurrency. Here you can play with or without attachments. Accordingly, with investments, it is really possible to earn more Bitcoins, Matic, BNB, Ethereum, Dogecoins. It is not difficult to understand the rules, initially the profit can be low, but then you can upgrade your virtual equipment and increase the amount of income and receive dogecoin for free. is #1 free crypto mining simulator 2022

Bitcoin Solitaire

Ordinary and familiar to many Solitaire can generate income. Coins in the game are credited to the registered user’s internal account, then they can be withdrawn to electronic wallets by converting them into BTC. Similar card games can be found in a search engine for win free bitcoins, but this one is considered one of the top ones.

Bitcoin Billionaire

This game, like many others, can also be found in the search engine for win free crypto, with or without the name. It is similar to Rollercoin, but the reward system is different.

The Crypto Games: Get Bitcoin

The game is suitable for those who are ready to invest their personal funds in the game at the start. Most of the reviews about this game are positive. Here you have to:

  • construct buildings;
  • launch urban facilities;
  • upgrade the city limits.
  • receive rewards.

This is a simple simulator that allows you to withdraw earned virtual funds in the form of cryptocurrency to your wallet.


This is an online multiplayer card game where you can earn small amounts of cryptocurrency without investment. With investments, you can get serious earnings, but it is important to maintain the level of activity on an ongoing basis. The point is to collect collections of cards and defeat other users. The game has been operating since 2018 and during this time tens of thousands of users have registered in it.

Axie Infinity

One of the popular cryptocurrency games that is available on different devices. Axie Infinity is a game where you can reach a high level of earnings, but it requires investment. The minimum amount to enter the game is $600. You have to:

  • create various monsters;
  • upgrade them to increase the amount of income;
  • create teams and fight enemies;
  • receive rewards for every achievement and progress.

The more monsters the user creates, the better he pumps them, the higher the chances of winning. Therefore, it is important to upgrade the characters and improve their game performance. This will increase your income.

Land of Evolution

A simulation game that allows to conduct various research, engage in the extraction of valuable resources. In the game you can fight with other users to increase your level of earnings. This is a great option for fans of exciting simulators with a non-banal plot. To make a profit the user will need to invest in cryptocurrency, but while maintaining a high level of gaming activity, you can quickly pay for everything. But you can start without investment.

What to consider?

To reach a consistently high level of earnings, you should choose several options for games, counting to win free btc, and play them regularly. The level of profit depends directly on how much time the user spends in the game, how quickly he goes through certain stages and what progress he has. Naturally, in any of the games you cannot do without a banal registration, so get acquainted with the rules before starting.

Also, most novice players do not know that it is better and more correct to indicate real information data when registering. This is necessary so that when making a profit, you do not have to prove your own identity or to facilitate the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies in the future. The niche of earning free bitcoins is constantly evolving, and online games make it more prestigious, there is simply no easier way to earn decent crypto money.


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