Top content creators and industry executives accused of sexual misconduct

These are only a small portion of the cases that have come forward in recent days and we expect more to come as people gain more confidence to open up and share their story. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to share every single story but we hope the ones we do share are able to make an impact and help the cause. If you have a story please feel free to email us at [email protected]

It has been a drama-filled few days in the live streaming industry. Multiple top content creators and gaming industry executives have been accused of sexual misconduct. What started around June 19th with a creator named SayNoToRage who is well know in the Destiny community has since turned into an outpouring of accusations around the gaming industry. In response to multiple accusations from JewelsVerne, SarahDanielsTV, and SheSnaps he issued a statement video via Twitter which was later deleted.

Shortly after he deleted the video he released a new video via YouTube saying in his previous video he was nervous, rushed, and it came from fear.

Social media was set on fire causing a domino effect of alleged victims to speak out against top content creators and industry executives. Omeed Dariani was publicly accused of sexual misconduct by Molly Ayala the Overwatch Community Development Lead via Twitter. Dariani has since then resigned and 50 of the 73 creators partnered with OPG reportedly left the company.

Christina Amaya who was being sexually assaulted in her sleep by Colin “Vindexus” Kierans shared her story via Twitter.

Enola Leone, RezzananceTV, and theScarberry claimed to be assaulted by LoboStylez in 3 different stories.

SattelizerGames accused of raping Haleybaby while drunk and unconscious. MalikaPlays, TheZombiUnicorn, Ohmwrecker, and Prod1gyX corroborated her story.

Caleb/Darkaqus accused of Sexual discussions with a minor, exploiting a minor, manipulation and gaslighting by Cierra/Ciaran.

HJTenchi accused of harassing and sending explicit graphic content to multiple women including Mollsisbored, ChaoticAshley_ and ODanicaRockwood.

Cryaotic accused of harassing underage women by LadyTiabeanie and Brothgerbillman1

SixxZeroOne sending explicit pictures to RedSirenLive during Pax South 2020.

ProSyndicate sexual misconduct allegations.

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