Top-down PC mech shooter ‘Uragun’ to launch Q4 2020

Kool2Play Studio has revealed it’s upcoming top-down mech shooter for Steam, Uragun, will launch Q4 2020 with information about consoles coming at a later date. In a recent trailer, the studio revealed new features for the game, including the arsenal available in the game. Among the shown weapons and skills players can find:

  • Hammerjump – rise into the air, and then hit the ground with all your might, crushing everyone who failed to escape
  • Railgun – a powerful, focused laser beam that will dissolve any armor that comes in direct contact with it, leaving only sheet metal remains
  • Orbital Strike – use the help of an orbital station and summon a deadly rocket raid wherever you need it
  • Minefield – scatter the mines around your position and watch the horde of AI machines fall apart into pieces
  • Killing Dash – escape for a while from the battlefield and take an opportunity to… destroy everyone who stands in your way

Uragun is a hardcore top down shooter set in a dystopian world. The main story is based on the fight against machines controlled by artificial intelligence, which the player must outsmart. For many years people have devoted most of the planet’s resources to the improvement of AI based technologies. Thus, unfortunately, they stopped paying attention to the change in the environment. Everything changes due to a natural disaster causing the water level to rise in the whole world. Humanity was forced to migrate inland, but in order to succeed the help of machines managed by artificial intelligence was essential. At some point, AI decides to decimate humanity to prevent further disasters.

The levels of the game are based on a real layout of world biggest metropolises. The game will allow gamers to sit behind the wheel of a powerful mech fighting waves of super intelligent, AI-controlled bots, spreading on the streets of famous cities.

Uragun will debut in Early Access at the turn of the second and third quarter of this year. A full PC debut is scheduled for the end of 2020. More details about console versions coming soon.

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