Totally free Shooter Relic Hunters Zero launches a new update with game mode inspired by “Risk of Rain”

To celebrate the almost 4 years of Relic Hunters Zero, a shooter co-op, roguelike, open-source and totally free game, the Brazilian indie developer studio Rogue Snail makes a big update for the game with a new game mode inspired by “Risk of Rain”.

Named Relic Hunters Zero “Storm”, the update brings a free version of the popular action roguelike game mode, without microtransactions and featuring a time survival mode and difficulty progression. With more than 60 items at their disposal, the players have to fight against enemies that appear randomly on the map, collect as many items as possible, and get strong enough to defeat all the bosses that come in their way. They’ll also have to be careful and manage their time well because the longer the match, the more difficulty their journey will become.

Relic Hunters Zero now has three game modes (Adventure, Endless and Storm) and completed four years of existence without any microtransactions or ads, being 100% free and having already engaged about 1 million players around the world.

Major changes for the “Storm” update

  • New Game Mode: The Storm, inspired by Risk of Rain;
  • You can now equip all Relics;
  • 10 new Relics;
  • 3 new Bosses;
  • 4 new Guns;
  • New dynamic camera for Local Co-Op play;
  • Complete combat rebalance;
  • Items now have Item Rarity, color-coded (white, green, blue, purple, red);
  • Big performance improvements;
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