Train Sim World 3 Developers Go into Detail on Weather and Visual Effects

Dovetail Games, developer and publisher of authentic simulation titles, today released their development diary video for Train Sim World 3, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on September 6th. This is the third of three videos focused on three topics core to Train Sim World 3: Freedom, power, and weather.

Weather alters the behavior of trains quite significantly in the real world, resulting in the skills of drivers and operators being tested to their maximum to keep passengers and freight moving on time. In Train Sim World 3, bringing this challenge to players has been a key area of development, resulting not only in a better visual representation of rain, wind, and snow but also a noticeable impact on how they affect the in-game vehicles.

The all-new Dynamic Weather feature adds excitement and variety to every journey as changing weather patterns merge seamlessly from one to another on a randomized cycle. The time and consistency of weather changes will vary, even if you repeat the same service with the same settings, so what seems like a repeated journey could bring with it entirely different gameplay. Inclement weather increases braking distance, slows acceleration, and results in more sparking from electric trains – a new visual element to Train Sim World 3.

Perhaps the biggest visual difference however is the introduction of Volumetric Skies. Gone are the 2D textures that have been a staple of the Train Sim World skies for years, and in their place is a wonderfully detailed, ever-changing frame for every journey. Scrapping the flat textures and completely redesigning the skies from the ground up has resulted in a dramatic change to the overall feel of each route’s setting.

Lighting has also had an overhaul, not only seen in the day-night cycle and aforementioned electric train sparking, but also when entering and exiting tunnels. The implementation of ‘tunnel bloom’, where the eyes adjust to changing light levels, is particularly relevant for the new Kassel-Würzburg route which sees players operate the 280 km/h ICE 1 and ICE 3 trains in and out of tunnels, including the longest one in Germany.

Other additions and effects that really enhance the immersion come in the form of kick-up, where snow blows around the train as it blasts through wintry rails, and passengers react to conditions with umbrellas in a variety of colors. Whether a minor detail or a complete overhaul, the improvements made to weather are something that Train Sim World 3 players will really notice and enjoy.

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