Tribes of Midgard Celebrates Survival Mode With New Animated Trailer

Survival Mode has been fully rebuilt from the ground up to transform it into a more relaxed but equally exciting Tribes of Midgard experience. Some of the more time-pressure elements of Saga Mode have been stripped away. Say goodbye to the Endless Winter and Nightly Defenses, and say hiló to a variety of Helthings and monsters to hack and slash through in the wild!

Survival 2.0 is designed so you can play Tribes of Midgard at your own pace. There are many new features to accommodate this change in Survival Mode…but the biggest? There will no longer be a Village to defend every night! What else?

  • Days will last longer at 20 minutes each
  • Helthings will spawn throughout the environment at night, but will not attack the Seed of Yggdrasil.
  • Each of the Jötnar is located within Arenas that have to be entered in order to defeat them in open combat. This can be done at any time, and is repeatable!

With no Village or Villager vendors, you’ll need to rely on yourself and the trusty Allforge—a magical little Dwarven invention accessed from the Build Menu and placed anywhere, free of any Material costs—to progress and survive. We believe in your survival skills!

Ancients (formerly known as Saga Bosses) are the almighty bosses that are introduced in each new Saga. There are powerful rewards for taking down the Ancients, newly including:

  • Heimdallr’s Tower (Defeat Inferno Ancient): Watchtower and garrisoned Archer. Unlike standard Watchtowers, this Archer is stronger by default, the tower is invincible to damage, and can be re-deployed.
  • Freyr’s Ship (Defeat Jörmungandr): A unique ship. Invincible to damage, can be re-deployed at will, and is the fastest ship in the game.
  • Sindri’s Foundry (Defeat Fenrir): Consumes unwanted Equipment and Runes for Souls.

With the Survival Update, Einherjar will choose their skills through an entirely new Blessing Tree. The Blessing Tree is unique to this game mode and allows for more freedom to pick and choose from the 90 Blessings available!

With this change, the max Character Level is increased to 50 to give more skill combinations during the increased playtime per World. Be free, Vikings!

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