Trust Gaming launches Graphin and Morfix gaming mice in the UK

Leading value-for-money digital lifestyle accessories brand, Trust Electronics Ltd, is pleased to introduce its GXT 970 Morfix customisable and GXT 960 Graphin Ultra-lightweight RGB illuminated gaming mice in the UK. The GXT 970 Morfix is available on pre-order for £44.99 from Game whilst the GXT 960 Graphin is available on pre-order for £34.99 from Game.

GXT 970 Morfix customisable high-accuracy gaming mouse with RGB lighting and interchangeable side plates

The Trust GXT 970 Morfix customisable gaming mouse can be tailored to the users unique gaming preferences and do exactly what they want. The four magnetically interchangeable side plates with a diverse choice of side-buttons and plate shapes allow gamers to design their own unique weapon of choice.

The two plates on the left have 3 and 9 buttons, programmable for any game – whether a shooter, online multiplayer arena, battle royale, strategy or online role playing game, whilst the plates on the right feature different shapes to suit the users comfort or design preferences.

With 14 independently programmable buttons (depending on the side plate of choice) users are assured of a truly customised experience. The advanced software allows users to program buttons and macros, giving the ability to launch up to 168 actions with a single click.

The Morfix is fitted with an advanced optical sensor with a resolution of up to 10.000 DPI ensuring precise control over the mouse movement. The DPI level is indicated by a specific coloured LED light so users can keep an eye on their settings.

Customised gameplay is enhanced by the adjustable RGB light experience so users can select their favourite light mode such as breathing, jumping and other light effect modes.  There is also the option to select from the full RGB range, featuring over 16 million colours.

Key features

  • Advanced optical sensor with resolution up to 10.000 DPI
  • 4 magnetically interchangeable side plates to customise side buttons and shape
  • 2 left-side plates with 3 or 9-button configurations, programmable for any game
  • 2 right-side plates with different shapes
  • Fully adjustable RGB lighting with multiple effects
  • Up to 14 independently programmable buttons
  • DPI select buttons with LED indication
  • Advanced software for programming buttons, macros and light effects
  • Braided cable (1.8m)

GXT 960 Graphin Ultra-lightweight RGB illuminated Gaming Mouse with a honeycomb shell

The Trust Gaming GXT 960 Graphin is lightweight, incredibly fast and has an adjustable polling rate of up to 1000Hz. It’s durable, uses ultra-low friction gliding pads for smooth movement and has a unique identity due to the RGB lighting.

The GXT 960 Graphin weighs only 74 grams thanks to its honeycomb shell housing. The zero drag braided cable ensures users can move the mouse around freely, without having to worry about it getting jammed behind something on the desk. Also, the Graphin has two easy to reach thumb buttons giving users complete control over games, whilst the two main buttons allow them to keep the finger on the trigger.

The honeycomb design isn’t just useful, it gives the GXT 960 Graphin a unique look, too. The RGB lighting can be adjusted to the users’ preference, linking with the advanced software.

Key features

  • 74 grams lightweight honeycomb shell housing for fast mouse response
  • High precision optical sensor up to 10.000 DPI
  • Up to 1000Hz adjustable polling rate for high responsive control
  • Customizable RGB lighting incl breathing and rainbow effect
  • Zero drag braided cable ensures smooth movement
  • Includes 2 easy to reach thumb buttons
  • Ultra low friction gliding pads

The GXT 970 Morfix is available on pre-order (Release date 2nd Oct 20) for £44.99 from Game whilst the GXT 960 Graphin is available on pre-order (Release date 16th Sept 20) for £34.99 from Game.

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