Try This on for Size! An In-Depth Look at the BenQ Zowie Mouse Fitting Kit

I can’t believe it was only until recently I heard of BenQ Zowie’s Mouse fitting Kit which has been out since pre-pandemic. What legends the BenQ staff on this marketing team are, I approved 100% of this offering. Deliver your entire gaming mouse catalog to my doorstep and let me try them all out for 2 weeks. Yes, please! I do understand there are some logistical concerns during these pandemic times but it’s so worth it. Upon opening the case every mouse appeared to be in new condition. It’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t sterilize and quality check them as a part of the return and re-ship process.

In the package, you will find all 10 matte black models from the BenQ Zowie collection along with a mouse pad and bungie. The EC, FK, ZA, and S series are all included in the kit, but the versions do vary between each package. All the mice in the kit are refurbished so they will be offered to you at the discounted price of $45 plus sales tax if applicable. It’s a win/win program BenQ gets to profit from their refurbished models and buyers get to find the exact fit and style for their gaming application.

Here are the mice included in the package we received:

FK Series – FK1+B, FK1-B, FK2-B

  • Symmetrical, low-profile design. Its hump is closer to the fingers, providing less support for your palm.

EC Series – EC-1, EC-2

  • Ergonomic design, exclusively for right-handed users.
  • EC provides more room to place the 4th finger on the right side of the mouse.

S Series – S1, S2

  • Symmetrical design for right-handed users.
  • Shorter overall design with enhanced palm support allows for more free movement.
  • Has raised front ends providing more room to place the 4th finger.

ZA Series – ZA11-B, ZA12-B, ZA13-B

  • Symmetrical, high-profile design that provides more support for your palm.
  • Projected notches on both front ends that allow users to lift the mouse easily.

I have always been the type to purchase a mouse at a store like Best Buy or Frys (R.I.P Frys). You must at least attempt to test the fit even if it’s through the packaging. I have the worst rolls in MMORPG history so ordering a mouse online and hoping I like it is not in the books for me. “No Cap” I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to try this program out. You are not obligated to purchase a mouse if none of them fit your gaming taste. So send them all back and move on to the next company if you see fit.

Mouse Fitting Kit –

It’s a fairly simple process, first, you visit the link above which takes you to a splash page that includes all the information you need. There is a limit of 1 per customer and of course, you will need to put a $250 hold on your credit card until the kit is returned. You will receive detailed instructions within 24 hours of placing the order online. Your 2 week trial does not officially begin until the kit is delivered to your doorstep. Once the trial period is up you return the kit using the pre-paid label inside the box. EZ PZ lemon squeezy.

Make sure you set aside time each day to thoroughly test each mouse individually. 10 mice in 14 days can be a tight window for those with a busy schedule! Huge props to BenQ this is a brilliant idea and I wish more companies would create programs like these. In reality, the only way to really get your hands on a mouse before you buy it is to attend shows like CES or Pax. Even then you are not guaranteed all the vendors will be at the show and that you will be able to get your hands on the specific model you wanted to test. This system just sounds a bit more timely and cost-effective. I am a fan.

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