Turnabout Festival Has Arrived in TEPPEN

Court is once again in session as the “Turnabout Festival” card pack launches in TEPPEN today. Collect your evidence and present them in battle with beloved characters from the Ace Attorney series and Haunting Ground, who join characters from the Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man X series, and more.

A Seaside Resort Infected

The Hotel Ba-Kansu, a beautiful seaside resort known for hosting guests and pets of all sizes, is thrown into chaos on the night of the Imagawa Festival. VIP guest Imagawa Yoshimoto of the Sengoku BASARA series finds his beloved Dobermann infected by the T-virus. Four suspects are found related to the Dobermann and players must determine which of the four suspects is the culprit to bring them to justice! Apollo Justice from the Ace Attorney series has been called in to represent Trucy Wright, who’s been accused by prosecutor Klavier Gavin of infecting Yoshimoto’s pet dog. Solve the mystery and prove Trucy’s innocence!

A Courtroom Battle Awaits

Four suspects, each with a similar suitcase to the one found at the scene of the gruesome crime, will be questioned as players work to determine who is the real culprit. Cards will contain images with hints about how the crime went down, but make sure to expand them to get the full picture. All parties will have their day in court with new cards designed to show the truth of “the incident.”

The following returning card mechanic and ability will be essential in bringing about a turnabout:

  • Evidence can be obtained during the game through specific Unit and Action Cards.
  • The Ability will consume the Evidence accumulated in battle and give additional effects to Action Cards.

Players will utilize the new card pack to determine the real criminal, their motives, and the tricks they used in the crime. Eight supplemental cards will be added the following month, illustrated from the perspective of the culprit, which will reveal the whole story.

New Cards

Turn over every stone by collecting all the relevant parties. Suspects include; the Green Card “Silk Hat Defendant Trucy,” the Black card “Elite Suspect Excella,” the Purple card “Sorceress Suspect Tessa,” and the Red Card “Suspect Cutie B.B. Hood.” Here’s a look at Silk Hat Defendant Trucy:

  • Type: Unit
  • Tribe: Human
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • MP: 5
  • Attack: 1
  • HP: 9
  • Effects:
    • When played: Change the stats of 1 other random friendly unit to 4/4, then collect 4 pieces of Evidence.
    • When your Hero gains Life: Give all other friendly green units +2/+2. (Up to 1 time.)

The Turnabout Festival Continues

To celebrate the “Turnabout Festival” card pack, players can participate in an in-game quiz between March 15th and March 24th to find the real culprit. Players can earn up to three “Turnabout Festival” Pack Tickets for correct answers.

Players can also enjoy a Limited-time Event Quest “Turnabout Festival” in the new Solo Mode, “Adventure”! This thrilling Quest challenges players with new bosses and rewards completion with access to new relics and player icons that are based on the newest card pack.

For the first time, BGM with vocals and special TEPPEN arrangements will be available:

  • Apollo Justice – A New Era Begins! Featuring KENN -TEPPEN ver.- and Klavier Gavin – Guilt Love Featuring Toshiyuki Kusada -TEPPEN ver.-
    • March 1st to March 15th
  • Theme of Sakura and Sparrow Inn BGM
    • March 15th to April 3rd.

Stock up on Souvenirs

To celebrate the start of the “Turnabout Festival”, players that log in between March 1st and April 27th will receive free Souls, Zenny, and more. Players will also receive 10 Free “Turnabout Festival” Pack Tickets. Pick up the TEPPEN Special Pack 19, including the new “White Hair (Morrigan Aensland)” Skin and other Secret Cards. The special pack will be available from March 15th to April 3rd. There are other pack sets, including a Jewel set with two “Turnabout Festival” Pack Tickets and a Mini Jewels & Extras set, available from March 1st to March 15th.

Card Rotation

The “Defying the Light” card set rotates out of Standard Mode with the introduction of the “Turnabout Festival.” The following card sets are no longer allowed in Standard Mode:

  • The Devils Awaken
  • The Force Seekers
  • Haunted by Memories
  • Adventures of a Tiny Hero
  • The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni
  • A Dark Agenda
  • Dragons of War
  • Ace vs. The People
  • The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni
  • Island of Fear
  • Mission of Ruin
  • Breath of RESISTANCE
  • Defying the Light

Platforms: Android, iOS

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