Turnkey Poker: The Concept And The Benefits

There are different software solutions for individuals who decide to run their own poker website. Let us clear out some important details right away. A better part of your business success depends on a software development company you choose. High competent and experienced providers feature several solutions that can be customized for a client. These are turnkey, white-label and standalone solutions. Providers usually customize them as much as a client wants to add or remove a certain feature.

What are the solutions?

With a white label solution, you get a ready-to-operate software with a unique design, while a turnkey one means that you get your online casino business off the ground, developing the software, the design, and customizing a lot.

For the highest level of customization, you should go for a standalone solution. Here you will be able to modify the platform code and get rich in versatility.

Commonly, a turnkey solution is also known as poker software for sale. In this approach, you get ready-made software and run your website independently afterward. Sounds like a good one? Well, let us dive into this topic deeper and discern the ins and out of this kind of product.

Turnkey software: why to obtain this on?

Well, if you strive to have a lot of unique features in your project – this is a perfect strategy for you. With the turnkey solution, you usually get help with customizing the design, integrating a selection of games and payment systems. You get a thoroughly-elaborated platform with a ready-made code.

A substantial plus of this approach is flexibility. In other words, you can obtain fully-fledged poker software for sale or elaborate particular elements on your own, for example, customize the game set. Anyway, you should follow gaming tendencies not to be left behind the industry novelties and surely be ready to meet challenges. Remember that the turnkey ground allows you to create a website in your full property and run it independently.

Considering the information mentioned above, the turnkey solution is beneficial because of:

  • flexibility;
  • uniqueness;
  • full ownership;
  • exceptional design;
  • individual approach;
  • reliability

Among weaknesses, you might find a pretty high entrance cost, the necessity to deal with some third-party services, and apply for the license by yourself. Compared to standalone software, a turnkey one still lacks customization and for some individuals, this is a significant flaw. You don’t have a chance to change the platform code, so you will come short of versatility in your business.

What are the stages of developing an online poker website on a turnkey ground?

If we look at one of the professional iGaming providers that supplies one of the best poker turnkey software, the developing process will be the following:

  • You choose a software package in a variety of options: standalone, networked, rented on different contract terms, and so on. All the issues related to your product development including software customization are to be discussed at this stage.
  • The company works on the design under your demands and ideas. You are free to create something special.
  • Next, you may start operating your poker website but if you need serious customization (substantial UI changes, special options, new games), it will take more time. Meanwhile, you may use a standard poker software package with your own logo.
  • You have to choose the payment system and integrate it with the platform.
  • After all, you have to acquire the license by yourself.

While choosing software and a software provider, make sure you obtain the software available for desktop, web, and mobile versions; the latter one having come into a great request. Moreover, check-up the programming languages a provider uses for your software. Basically, they should operate with PHP, HTML5, and JAVA.

In conclusion

Finally, before a start-up, you should better get familiar with the iGaming market… That is to say, the more aware you are, the more successful you will find a reliable provider with a suitable software solution. Perfect software is the keystone of a perfect start-up. So, be careful while searching for a partner in the iGaming industry and don’t strive to save on the software since the price corresponds to quality.

If you want to start up a unique online poker website, obtaining poker software for sale, you should aim at the turnkey software product. This is a quick and efficient way of launching a poker website as long as you find a professional provider who will help you to realize your ideas and reach your goals.

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