Leading gaming headset and accessory brand Turtle Beach (Nasdaq: HEAR) and PC peripherals brand, ROCCAT, today announced a new multi-year partnership as the official gaming audio and accessories partner of Erin Ashley Simon. Ms. Simon is a multimedia personality, host, and producer at the forefront of contemporary culture, with Forbes calling her “the future of esports storytelling” in a 2019 article. Together, Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Ms. Simon will produce content highlighting the power and benefit of using high-quality gaming equipment on the digital battlefield and during broadcasts, and Ms. Simon will also have a hand in helping to shape Turtle Beach and ROCCAT’s future marketing initiatives by working with the internal teams to help craft campaigns, features, and stories.

“When we look for partners, we seek leaders who share our passion for gaming and we’re impressed with everything Erin represents as a creator, a communicator, and a player,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach. “It’s an honor to have Erin join us and work with both the Turtle Beach and ROCCAT brands so we can further excel in more areas of gaming, culture, and content.”

Erin Ashley Simon

Erin Ashley Simon was a gamer well before gaming influencers and content creators started gaining mainstream attention. A decade ago, as gaming culture began to expand, she harnessed the power of blogging and evolved her insight and entertainment abilities into the Grass Routes podcast, a show she continues to host today. Many will also recognize Erin as a familiar face from numerous esports events, and she was also previously a host of Cheddar Esports. Erin sees her ties in gaming, music, and entertainment as powerful assets as she creates unique content illuminating the intersection of gaming and pop culture.

“It’s been exhilarating to witness the speed of the evolution of gaming, and to be able to harness that energy and introduce the culture to an even wider audience,” said Ms. Simon. “Turtle Beach and ROCCAT’s gear definitely elevates my gaming with the best sound and precision tools for the job, but more importantly they amplify my vision for what gaming can become and I’m thrilled to have partners as devoted to gaming as I am.”

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