Twitch Partner Kaceytron banned after joke about coronavirus

Twitch partner Kacey “Kaceytron” Caviness was suspended indefinitely after a really dark comment about the Coronavirus during the “Rajj show”. It was a group stream with over 10 or more content creators in participation. Everyone was shocked when she uttered the following comments.

“We would leave quarantine and we would try to spread it as much as possible,” said Kaceytron, “because the world would be a better place without old and poor people.” Rajj Patel responded “Oh my God, Kacey, what the fuck?”

Kaceytron characterized her words as an “insensitive comment” in a tweet sent out less than a week later which also included a screenshot of her suspension notice.

She currently ranks 319 in total followers with over 500k, she also ranks 322 in total viewership and has over 1500 subscriptions on the Twitch live streaming platform. (Data provided by Sullygnome) She is one of the largest streamers in the “Just Chatting” category which is a place where the content creator chats directly with the audience.

KaceyTron helped pioneer the #slutstreamday movement, cited by as a “Twitch fundraising event to benefit Freedom 4/24, an organization which supports victims of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking”.

She issued this apology to her audience on Twitter shortly after.

Twitch does not have much precedence to use as a reference for punishment in a situation like this one. 30 days is a common punishment for first offense hate speech or racial type remarks. Normally when the platform uses the word “indefinite” the suspension can only be lifted after a manual appeal is filed by the content creator. In rare cases, Twitch can completely deny the creator’s ability to appeal but in this case, we believe her ban will be removed in time. What type of punishment would you give her?

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