Twitch’s New Branding and Creator Ad Guidelines Cause Stir Among Streamers, Twitch Issues Apology

In a recent development, Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has announced upcoming changes to its branding and ad guidelines, set to be implemented in July 2023. These changes have sparked concern and controversy within the streaming community, with creators and partners expressing worry about the potential impact on their channels. In this article, we will delve into the details of these guidelines and explore the reactions and implications they have generated.

Understanding the New Guidelines

According to information shared by Twitch content creator Zach Bussey, the new guidelines impose several restrictions on branding and ad content during livestreams. Notably, on-stream logos will be limited to only 3% of the screen size, and burned-in video, display, and audio ads will no longer be allowed. These guidelines aim to provide a better viewing experience for Twitch users by limiting intrusive and excessive branding.

Outcry and Concerns

The announcement of these new guidelines has sparked significant outcry within the Twitch community. Many creators and partners are expressing concern over the potential implications for their channels and revenue streams. For instance, popular ads like Shackpets will no longer be able to run on Twitch, and various gaming event channels, such as Games Done Quick, EVO, and CEO, would need to undergo a complete overhaul of their stream layouts. This has raised worries about the future of gaming events and the ability to maintain the distinct look and feel of individual channels.

Twitch’s Response

Following the backlash received from the streaming community, Twitch issued an apology for the confusion caused by the new guidelines. In a series of tweets, the company acknowledged that the policy language was overly broad and expressed the intention to clarify the guidelines. Twitch emphasized that they do not aim to limit streamers’ ability to enter into direct relationships with sponsors, as it plays a crucial role in their revenue generation. The platform also acknowledged that the current policy was intended to prohibit third-party ad networks from selling burned-in video and display ads, consistent with industry practices.

Implications for Streamers and Esports

The potential financial impact on streamers, especially those heavily reliant on branding and ads, has been a major concern. Many streamers fear a reduction in their earnings due to the restrictions imposed by the new guidelines. Esports tournaments are also expected to face challenges if these guidelines are implemented as planned. Furthermore, charity streams, which often rely on branded overlay items, may see a decrease in their ability to raise funds for charitable causes.

Awaiting Revised Guidelines

Twitch has acknowledged the feedback and concerns from the community and pledged to revise the guidelines to provide clearer instructions. It remains to be seen how these revisions will address the concerns raised and if they will alleviate the worries of streamers and partners. The community eagerly awaits the updated language of the guidelines, as it will have a significant impact on the future of branding and ad practices on Twitch.

Twitch’s upcoming branding and creator ad guidelines have caused a significant stir within the streaming community. While the original announcement created confusion and concern, Twitch’s subsequent response and promise to revise the guidelines have provided some reassurance. Streamers and partners will closely monitor the updates and hope for guidelines that strike a balance between maintaining a quality viewing experience and allowing streamers to monetize their channels effectively. As the July implementation date approaches, the future of branding and ads on Twitch remains a topic of great interest and importance to the streaming community.

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