Two New Collections Coming to Evercade

Twenty one more games from gaming industry legends THEC64 and Toapaln are coming to Evercade Cartridges this April, joining the existing 35+ Evercade Physical Release Library.

  • 14 Games are included in THEC64 Collection 2 featuring greats like California Games, Pitstop II, Uridium, and more.
  • 7 arcade games from the venerable Japanese developer Toaplan including Fire Shark, Twin Cobra, Wardner, and more on Toaplan Arcade 2
  • Support for all Evercade systems, including 4 games best played in Evercade EXP TATE Mode
  • RRP £17.99|$19.99|€19.99 per cartridge
  • Releases April 28th, 2023. Pre-orders from February 17th, 2023

THEC64 Collection 2 is the sequel to 2022’s first home computer collection from Evercade. It was the first time that these games were available to be played on portable devices legally, using the Evercade Handheld and recently released Evercade EXP, which is one of Evercade’s most internationally popular cartridges.

This second collection continues the library of well-remembered titles including California Games, World Games, Uridium, Pitstop II, and more. 14 games in total are included and are selected/modified to be able to be played with ease and convenience on an Evercade device – eliminating as much use as possible of a virtual keyboard. The collection comes with a full-color manual with a physical cartridge that details all control schemes.

Toaplan Arcade 2 brings 7 more arcade greats from the legendary arcade developer. As well as their famous shooter titles, Toaplan also created games across other genres including racing. Highlighted here alongside such classics as Hellfire, Fire Shark and Twin Hawk are Rally Bike (a motorbike racing game) and Wardner, an early platformer for Toaplan. The collection also includes bonus interviews with Toaplan staff in the manual, and each vertically scrolling game is playable using Evercade EXP’s TATE mode functionality

All collections are playable on Evercade devices, including the Evercade VS and the recently released Evercade EXP. The Evercade EXP also comes with bonus content built into the device. 18 Capcom games are included without the need for installation, code redemption, or cartridge! 14 arcade greats and 4 home console classics can now go with you anywhere you want to go! A full-color manual is also included in the Capcom collections.

THEC64 Collection 2 Full Games List:

  • California Games
  • Cybernoid
  • Firelord
  • Impossible Mission II
  • Insects in Space
  • Mission Impossibubble
  • Nebulus
  • Pitstop II
  • Slayer
  • Street Sports Basketball
  • Sword of Fargoal
  • Uridum
  • World Games
  • Zamzara

Toaplan Arcade 2 Full Games List:

  • Demon’s World
  • Fire Shark
  • Hellfire
  • Rally Bike
  • Twin Cobra
  • Twin Hawk
  • Wardner

Platforms: Evercade VS, Evercade EXP

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