unEvn ONE, the First Portable, All-in-one Gaming Desk, Launches on Kickstarter

unEvn eSports launches its patent-pending, all-in-one gaming desk, unEvn ONE​, on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $40,000. unEvn ONE is portable, lightweight and offers the most advanced integration of PC, accessories and gaming in one desk.


“​We’ve been passionate gamers and supporters of eSports for 15 years and want help players and teams get better. We know the frustration of a non-optimal gaming setup and how it affects your gaming performance negatively,” said co-founder Aleksi Rinkinen. “unEvn ONE marries a gamer’s rig and a portable desk that was built specifically to make gamers the best they can be. It’s easy and fast to transform from a compact portable package to a ready-to-game position. It’s a perfect all-in-one solution for serious gamers.”


unEvn ONE is made of composite and tempered aluminum, making it stable and durable, while being light enough to carry. The curved front, smooth edges and large surface area make for a prestige gaming experience and ergonomic comfort that ensures peak performance. Players can wheel their chair or move their body around all angles of the desk with ease.


Users can add up to a 32’’ monitor to the standard VESA (75 and 100) mount. For transporting, the inside of the desk can fit a monitor up to 25’’. The monitor arm is highly adjustable, so it can be positioned in front of the desk or backed up to about 50 cm. in depth from the front of the desk. There are also two additional places for a monitor arm on the sides of the desk.

Players can customize their gaming position for their individual needs with four programmable memory settings for different chair heights. unEvn ONE can be adjusted between 60 to 80 cm. to match a player’s height perfectly.


unEvn ONE is lightweight and portable and offers a 120 by 80 cm. surface. The surface has a durable, non-skid coating that gives high traction for keeping gaming gear in place and the integrated mouse bungee ensures users always have the smoothest mouse swiping.

unEvn ONE’s computer integration makes it possible to have the I/O panel and connectors conveniently in front of the desk. The uniquely designed ITX chassis allows for seamless connection of any universal components and equates to major horsepower in a compact package. unEvn ONE’s internal power distributor ensures everything works with just one power cord.


Players can convert their unEvn ONE desk to a portable unit in under a minute. The desk’s foldable legs transform it into a transportable suitcase, which can be easily moved from place to place or stored while not being used. The built-in, lockable drawers keep all accessories, like TKL, a mouse and cables, in one place when not in use.

unEvn ONE is currently available on Kickstarter starting at $1,249 USD for one gaming desk. To learn more or to pre-order, visit ​pr.go2.fund/unevnone​.

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