Unikrn and Unicorns of Love Partner in Unprecedented $50,000 Search for New Esports Talent, Support New CS:GO Roster

Unikrn​, the world’s longest-operating esports-first betting operator, and Unicorns of Love, one of gaming’s most beloved fan-focused esports franchises, are offering a $50,000 streaming or esports contract for a new esports talent to join the Unicorns of Love banner. The brands are announcing the search alongside major changes to the Unicorns of Love competitive CS:GO roster, a search ​open for any esports fan to enter​.

This search for a streamer or pro player will result in a Unikrn user receiving a 6-month contract to play with Unicorns of Love, earning $50,000 in sponsorship. Any aspiring streamer or esports competitor can apply to join Unicorns of Love​ on Unikrn’s search page.

“The Unicorns of Love family is changing today,” said Jos Mallant, UOL’s Owner, “Our established players will don a new jersey, with Unikrn’s invaluable support. We’ll be joined by new teammates as UOL pushes to become Germany’s best CS:GO franchise. […]We can’t wait to welcome a fan into our clan to stream or compete in 2020. New roster, new talent, two unicorns, one jersey: ThinkPink!”

The two companies will be partnering to provide player support for professional gamers across multiple titles, including CS:GO, SimRacing and PUBG Mobile, as well as expand Unicorns of Love’s reach with new resourcing in the coming year.

“Unikrn is first and foremost a supporter of esports,” said Rahul Sood, Unikrn’s CEO, “The last time we co-founded a team, it was a big success during our tenure. Unikrn loves Unicorns of Love’s fan love: just the name itself was too good to pass up. We’re excited to unveil ​Unikrns ​ of Love.”

Unikrn and Unicorns of Love expect the unprecedented partnership activities to invigorate esports fans this fall, and Unicorns of Love fans can get earliest access by visiting ​Unikrn.com​ and submitting an application to be considered for the once-in-a-lifetime $50,000 sponsorship opportunity.

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