UnMetal Confirms September 28th 2021 Release Date, New Trailer

Stealth Action Game UnMetal is coming to PC and Console on September 28th, 2021.

2D Espionage and Deception Action With a Retro Vibe

indie publisher Versus Evil in partnership with Independent developer Unepic_Fran is excited to announce that their 2D stealth action game UnMetal is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and popular PC stores Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG on September 28th. The game is also playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S.

UnMetal is driven by a narrative that piles on the 80’s movie and TV nostalgia which it combines with UnMetal’s top-down 2D pixel-art visuals for a distinctly retro feel, tasking you, the player, to conduct a covert mission to escape a clandestine military base for a crime you didn’t commit

Players assume the role of Jesse Fox, a civilian inadvertently embroiled in an unplanned mission to prevent an attack on NATO. Shot down, captured, and questioned, Fox needs a way out with all the cunning and guile he can muster.

Players conduct their subterfuge to escape incarceration by combining and crafting various objects discovered in the game world, including toilet paper (unscented, unpatterned, and single ply), circuit boards, rusty wire and even a guards eye patch and glass eye.

Distraction, sabotage, and combat will all come into play, and Fox will encounter a variety of adversaries including enemy soldiers, attack dogs, hungry rats, and bigger more formidable heavily armed military hardware like tanks.

The ability to level up with newfound skills improving attributes like strength and speed and completing various sub-challenges in the game improve the chances of success though.

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