Uragun Officially Exits Early Access

The full release of Uragun is now live, following 12 months of Early Access and incorporating player-requested roguelite gameplay and structure. For a limited time, Uragun will be available at a discounted price of $10.49 (€10.49).

Key updates since Steam Early Access 2022:

  • Transitioned to a roguelite shooter genre
  • Added new biomes, boss fights, enemies, upgrades, perks, and skins for mech customization

Uragun’s notable features:

  • Customizable and moddable mech roguelite shooter with high replayability
  • High-quality shooting, controls, and gameplay
  • Engaging story of a Mech searching for its missing pilot friend
  • Powerful combos due to modding and plugin system
  • Hand-crafted levels designed for challenging and precise experiences

Independent game developer Kool2Play has successfully pivoted Uragun into a roguelite, enhancing the game’s appeal based on player feedback. The game retains its original strengths, such as tight controls, engaging combat, and intelligent level design while incorporating mechanics that enhance replayability.

Under the direction of Game Director Fran Avilés (previously responsible for Deep Rock Galactic), Kool2Play has transformed Uragun into an action-packed roguelite shooter. Players control a Mech unit that awakens to a world dominated by corrupted AI, choosing paths and rewards to research new skills, modify the Mech and its weapons, and grow stronger.

The game takes players through spectacular locations that have been transformed by the AI uprising, such as a deserted Barcelona, industrialized Nairobi, snow-covered mountain rifts in North America, and a futuristic, overgrown Hong Kong.

Once the Mech is defeated, it is reprinted at the Orbital Station, which serves as the main hub. Players lose their weapon modifications and perks but retain collected Intel to acquire permanent upgrades through the Research Tree. Players must manage their Memory capacity, choosing Expansion Cartridges based on their preferred playstyle and strategy. Memory capacity can also be increased to allow for more Expansion Cartridges in the future.

During a run, players can improve the Mech unit with Plugins that add new skills, enhance stats, or boost special Heat Attacks. Plugins can be leveled up for stronger effects. Additionally, weapon mods can be equipped on weapons with available slots to create customized builds.

At launch, the game will be available in Polish, English, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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