VAIL VR World Championship LAN Finals Boats $35,000 Cash Prize Pool

VAIL VR, the hyper-realistic competitive VR shooter, is heading to Miami for the world’s largest Esports tournament since 2019. With online qualifiers set to begin in August, the live finals will be held on October 1st, 2022. Major cash prize pools are up for grabs ($35,000) and the top 4 teams will be flown to Miami to participate in front of a sold-out crowd for a first-class esports experience.

Having recently released its Beta, players eager to get competitive can now opt-in via Steam for instant access or head on over to the tournament website for more details. A multiplayer VR shooter that takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities of virtual reality technology, VAIL VR has its sights firmly set on toppling Steam’s biggest VR shooters

In VAIL VR, two teams of five players compete in head-to-head modes including Team Deathmatch and Artifact. Team Deathmatch is the traditional combat mode where the team with the most eliminations wins the game. Artifact is VAIL’s signature game mode, which is akin to the fan-favorite search and destroys model. In this mode, Attackers spawn with a scanner which can be used to extract the hidden data within a designated location, known as the Artifact sites. Whereas the Defenders must secure the Artifacts by protecting them with their lives.

With stunning visuals, VAIL VR features full-body animation that accounts for the approximation of each player’s real body shape and size, without the need for additional tracking hardware. As an ultra-realistic first-person shooter, it creates a comfortable and accurate positional experience. The game also features an in-game voice chat system for real-time communication between players

With Beta signups now available on VAIL VR’s Steam page, players can join in on the action. Those eager to learn more about the Esports tournament can join the VAIL VR Discord for more information, where they can meet like-minded, passionate gamers.

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