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Super Evil & Community invade PAX EAST 2016 @ the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center!

PAX EAST is coming up and as part of our prime directive, we’re taking over a large part of the Twitch Booth! Come visit us to meet some amazing Vainglory community members, playtest new game modes and characters, hangout with us devs. And, of course, there will be some super exclusive Vainglory SWAG!

Here’s the scoop on what’s happening between Friday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 24th. All times Eastern Daylight Time

  • From sun-up to sun-down (10AM-6PM EDT), we’ll be at our booth— come meet us!
  • The FIRST 50 visitors every day at our booth get an awesome Vainglory zip bag and PAX-exclusive Twitch Pin!
  • Our new game mode ‘Battle Royale’ and our upcoming 1.17 release will be displayed at PAX!
  • Everyone can sign up for a FREE hero skin at the booth!
  • New to vainglory? Stop by and play a match on our screens to win a shirt and raffle ticket. Come back during the raffle for your chance to win a VG hoodie and a ticket to our Spring Season Championships!
  • Meet some of our amazing streamer personalities: Shinkaigan, LadyWabeesh, Yumaranken, WattieX, DragonBorne and other special guests. Zekent, PlayoffBeard, EvilFinn, KIMA, UebelAndre, GodsEye and WolfHands will also be around!
  • Experience Vainglory LIVE Friday and Saturday from 5pm-6pm EDT (2pm – 3pm PDT) and Sunday from 12pm-1pm (9am – 10am PDT) on the Twitch MainStage! Gather around as we root and shoutcast some epic matches and game modes. Can’t be there? Join us and catch the live matches on stream!

For everyone at home, let us know why you play Vainglory! Tell us your story for playing Vainglory, show us incredible instant cosplay, find us at the Twitch booth and Tweet or Instagram with #vainglorypax for a chance to win ICE! Three winners a day per region will we rewarded. Each winner will receive 500 ICE! Competition runs from April 22nd to the 24th.


Tune in on

  • 10:00AM EDT every day at PAX: Watch the special streams on hosted by Zekent and PlayoffBeard. We’ll be talking about the newest updates, upcoming features, awesome new heroes, Spring Season Championship, Vainglory eSports and so many other exciting things!

Tune in on

  • 5PM-6PM EDT on Friday: Super special Battle Royale King of the Hill!
    • Can the devs hold the hill? Will our community teams prevail? Do twitch streamers have what it takes to dominate? Stay tuned!
  • 5PM-6PM EDT on Saturday: The grand return of the Vainglory Royal Rumble (a.k.a. “Put me in, Coach!)
    • Live on the Twitch mainstage: Streamers, Players and Devs alike will fight in a unique form of Vainglory: If you die, you tag out of the match and are replaced by a new player who takes over your device on stage.
  • 12PM-1PM EDT on Sunday:  The Vainglory Feature Showcase!
    • Join us as Zekent and Dragonborne pit our devs and influencers against each other on a Vainglory game mode thrill ride! We preview all new game features, explain critical in-game plays and team comps, check out upcoming heroes and, of course, the Battle Royale game mode!

We look forward to seeing all of you in Boston and on the livestreams! Remember to tag us with #vainglorypaxon all your social media for a chance to win ICE!

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