Valorant’s Radiant Entertainment System Skinline and Episode 6 Act III Details Unveiled

Riot Games and VALORANT have unveiled the Radiant Entertainment System skinline, a tribute to retro gaming from the 90s. This unique skinline, inspired by side scrollers, dance, and fighting games, offers a nostalgic experience for gamers. The Radiant Entertainment System skinline will include new skins for the Phantom, Melee, Operator, Ghost, and Bulldog, complete with custom finishers, music tracks, and various hidden details for players to discover.

Episode 6 Act III of VALORANT is also set to introduce a brand new Battlepass, featuring items such as the Monstrocity Vandal, Bound Melee, Moondash Guardian, and Bound Phantom. Moreover, the Global Open Beta for Premier, VALORANT’s team-based competitive system, is scheduled to launch on April 25th. For more information on Premier, please visit

The Premier Global Open Beta will run from April 25th to May 23rd, with the enrollment period lasting from April 25th to April 28th. Weekly matches will take place between April 29th and May 20th, followed by the Playoff Tournament on May 21st. This Beta is a test version of Premier, with a shorter schedule than the full launch, which is designed to last the duration of a regular VALORANT Act. Match and team history will not transfer to the full Premier release.

To participate in the Premier Beta, players must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as account verification via SMS and finishing placements in their account lifetime. Team Owners will be able to invite other players, customize team logos, promote another player to owner, and delete the team. Players can only join one team and must adhere to specific roster and enrollment rules. The Premier Hub and Team Tab will display the team’s enrollment status, standings, and match history.

In Premier, matchmaking is designed to be fair, with teams only playing against others within their division. The featured map for each match will be listed on the schedule in the Premier Hub. During the tournament, a map pick-and-ban system will be implemented, allowing teams to vote on their preferred map.

The Premier Score is used to determine qualification for the Playoff Tournament at the end of the Open Beta. Teams earn 100 points for a weekly match win and 25 points for a loss. The minimum Premier Score required to qualify for the tournament is currently set at 375 points, though this may be subject to change after the Beta.

With the introduction of the Radiant Entertainment System skinline and Episode 6 Act III, VALORANT continues to deliver engaging content and experiences for its dedicated player base. The Global Open Beta for Premier, starting April 25th, promises an exciting opportunity for competitive gamers to test their skills and teamwork.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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