Video Game Rappers Celebrate 10 Years and 2.5 Million Subscribers

JT Music, who has just celebrated 10 years creating music videos in the gaming world.

In that time, they have amassed over two and a half million subscribers and over one billion views on their YouTube channel.  This dynamic duo of NerdCore rap, Christian Ames and John Gelardi (known as Skull and Pat), grew up together and after John moved, kept in touch via Xbox 360. Christian was experimenting with music while John continued with gameplay. Their niche craft was born when John suggested Christian write a rap song about HaloThat song went viral, leading to their success and over ten years of living this dream life!

Since then, Skull and Pat release new music videos every Friday on Rooster Teeth and Saturday on YouTube, drawing inspiration from some of the most iconic games in pop culture today, such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Their tribute to Five Nights at Freddy’s, “Join Us For A Bite”, quickly became a fan favorite with over 75 million views and 7 million Spotify streams.  In 2019 following their recent Resident Evil 2 video, they plan to pay homage to The Division 2 and Game of Thrones as well.

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