Voicemod Reveals New Environmental Sound Effects Collection

Voicemod Brings Environmental Sound Effects Right to Your Desktop with Worldwide Places and Everyday Spaces Collection.

Voicemod has today announced the Worldwide Places and Everyday Spaces content packs, environmental background soundscapes that add a whole new dimension to the “sonic identity” creative sphere. The pre-eminent real-time voice alteration tool now allows users to take their presentation from the home office to the beach…or the forest, or beside a gentle waterfall, providing a non-intrusive background soundtrack that makes it sound like the user is really there! For content creators looking to make their IRL or RP stream more soothing and relaxing, or tabletop dungeon-masters that want to provide a more immersive, engaging roleplaying experience for their players, the Worldwide Places and Everyday Spaces collections are the perfect way to add a level of subtle detail and customization to any audio project! The collection includes two full soundboards with forty-five ambient sounds in total.

Sounds and Effects in the Collection Include — bustling restaurant, basketball practice, lively office, crowded grocery store, the desert, drizzling rainforest hut, tropical island, the beach, and many more.

With Worldwide Places and Everyday Spaces, Voicemod has realized that less is more and how adding environmental background effects can drastically change the way content is received, particularly during these times of home isolation and global lockdowns. “Show, don’t tell” is the name of the game, and creators can now set the mood better than ever before. Why tell your listeners you’re “at the beach” when the sound of crashing waves and distant seagulls can do that for you in a way that feels far more organic? The new content packs let users create the perfect backing track for the story they want to tell.

“The Worldwide Places and Everyday Spaces collection is the latest and greatest addition to Voicemod’s expansive arsenal,” said Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch. “It’s a really subtle yet vital feature that adds a great level of detail and depth to any creative audio project. It’s yet another arrow in Voicemod’s quiver that makes our app such a powerful and robust toolkit for streamers, audio professionals, and creatives.”

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