Voices Behind Mobile MMORPG Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Reveals the Voices Behind Their Characters. My Time at Portia and BulletVille voice actors are among the cast for the upcoming mobile RPG.

MMORPG Dragon Trail: Hunter World, available now on iOS, Android and PC has just revealed the voice actors associated with each of the classes players are able to play on the fantastical Star Island. A new introduction trailer gives players a closer look at the actors behind the voices. With over one million pre-registrations, players can dive into the game right now to hear these voice actors in action.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World takes place on Star Island, a diverse and beautiful land covered in lush forests and inhabited by some pretty interesting creatures. From the Fire Wyvern to the Icy Bear, players will be surprised by just how many creatures there are to find. Players will follow the story of a young tribal boy following in the footsteps of his missing father. With the help of Star Island’s powerful pets, players will uncover some of the mysteries of the island in order to find some much-needed answers.

Dragon Trail isn’t just about collecting pets, these unique animals all have their own abilities that will change and upgrade as you evolve. Work with your team, form strong bonds and learn under an instructor to become even more powerful. Earn currency by completing quests to buy gear and upgrade even more.

Choose between four different classes of characters: the powerful warrior, the lovely priest, the clever ranger, or the sneaky assassin. Each class has its own unique abilities making it so that players can enjoy the game using their favorite playstyle. And now, each of these classes has a professional voice actor officially revealed today. Terrance Drye (Fire in His Fingertips, Henki Shoujo) voices the warrior class, Lizzie Hofe (My Time at Portia, Eastshade) as the ranger class, Reece Bridger (BulletVille, Tales of Grimm) the voice of the assassin class and Hayley Nelson (My Time at Sandrock, In Sound Mind) voices the priest class. With these talented actors joining the team, Dragon Trail: Hunter World hopes to soar!

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