Volume 4 Rabbit of Caerbannog Update Adds to Blue Archive Main Storyline

On Wednesday, November 9th, NEXON Korea Corp. announced the next main story update for the hit game Blue Archive titled “Vol. 4 Rabbit of Caerbannog.”

The story will focus on students from the SRT Special Academy. When the RABBIT Squad holds a sit-in protest against closing the SRT Special Academy in Kousagi Park, the General Student Council asks Sensei to step in and help.

Several new students from the SRT Special Academy will appear. Miyako, a piercing-type striker, uses her EX Skill to both stun and deal damage to a single enemy proportional to her attack. Saki is a Piercing-type Special student whose EX Skill stuns and deals damage to enemies within a circular range. Miyu, a Piercing-type Striker, applies the Weakness Detection effect to one enemy for 10 seconds when using her EX Skill. The target receives additional damage proportional to Miyu’s ATK for each successive attack while the effect is active.

Nexon will also host several events ahead of Blue Archive’s first anniversary. First, Lessons, Commissions, and Bounties will earn triple rewards during the 3x Rewards Campaign happening now through Friday, November 22nd. Players will also receive 100 Pyroxenes every day that they log in through Tuesday, Nov. 15, as well as the opportunity to see special illustrations representing each academy in Blue Archive, including Abydos High School and Trinity General School.

Through Wednesday, November 30th, Blue Archive will have a First Anniversary login event. During that time, players can receive 200 Pyroxenes each day leading up to the day seven reward: 3-Star Expandable Traditional Wooden Windows!

All players who log in anytime up to Tuesday, November 15th will receive a 10-Recruitment Ticket gift to celebrate the main story update.

You can find details about Blue Archive’s Main Story Vol.4 Rabbit of Caerbannog (First Half) update by visiting the official community.

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