Global publisher 505 Games, in partnership with Curve Digital and developer No Brakes Games, announced an extensive update consisting of two new levels for one of the top 10 best-selling Apple App Store games of 2020  Human Fall Flat. The “Thermal” and “Factory” levels, which were both originally released on Steam earlier this year, were joint winners in Curve Digital’s 2019 Human Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop competition in which fans created and submitted in-game levels for cash prizes. The mobile update is available on iOS and Android today in North America, Europe, Oceania and parts of Asia.

  • Thermal – Created by Manuel “Święty Krab” Nowak, players will stumble and flounder through high snowy peaks to deep underground caverns brimming with gold. Play with up to three online friends, interact with large mining machines, and manipulate rising arid thermals to traverse endless subterranean caverns. 2019’s Worldwide Workshop awarded Nowak $10,000 USD for this level’s quality design and replayability.
  • Factory – Creator Tyler “Gotcha” Ehninger’s unique level tasks players to heave colossal machinery while crossing conveyor belts, cogs and fiery flames while searching for an exit in co-op or single player. Ehninger’s factory was the joint winner in Curve’s 2019 Workshop competition. Judges loved the level’s use of Easter Egg radios placed throughout, and its imaginative aesthetic.

The Thermal/Factory content update is the first of several planned updates from 505 Games, in partnership with Curve Digital and developer No Brakes Games, that embrace and enhance the game’s celebrated mechanics. These post-release updates draw on the ingenuity of its community and offer players more creative ways to enjoy its lighthearted gameplay solo or with up to three other players.

Human Fall Flat is a physics based, light-hearted puzzle game where players control wobbly characters in surreal stages. These unstable “Humans” maneuver through diverse ranges of imaginative open-ended sandbox levels to complete each objective. Multitasking is key as players must control basic movement while operating arms independently, making for weird and creative gameplay scenarios. Play solo or online with up to three other players to complete each level, or spend hours fooling around with fellow Humans in endless escapades.

Human Fall Flat is available on iOS and Android in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific; in Japan the game is published by 505 Games’ local partner DMM. The game will be also published in China by local partner X.D. Network on December 17th.

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